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Dental Service for Foreigners in Turkey

Dental Service for Foreigners in Turkey

Turkey takes place in leading countries in terms of both service quality and customer satisfaction. On this issue, Turkey, which hosts people from all over the world, especially from Europe, is featured with top-qualified service and low costs. Depending on it, foreign nationals prefer to visit Turkey for dental treatment as they do in many medical fields.

Dental Service for Foreigners in Turkey

Oral and Dental Health Clinics

Dental health service in Turkey is commonly supported by ‘’Oral and Dental Health’’ clinics (Agiz ve Dis Sagligi in Turkish). You can get an appointment by calling, internet, and personal application.

Oral and dental health is provided to people who have private insurance from contractual public and private hospitals in addition to general health insurance for foreigners who stay in Turkey for more than a year. However, people should certainly pay attention to what their insurances contain exactly while they are making a deal with an insurance company.

Private Clinics

Besides public and private hospitals, clinic dentists take a step forward as a third alternative. As they work independently, they have specialized wage scales as well. That’s why they are not involved in general and private health insurance.

Which Dental Health Services Do General Health Insurance Include?

%50 of oral and dental examinations, clinical examinations to find oral and dental diseases, tooth extraction, conservative dental treatment and root canal therapy, urgent health services related to oral and dental diseases, orthodontics dental treatments for people under 18 and dental prosthesis for people under 18 and older than 45 years old are fulfilled by the general health insurance.

According to the regulation of the Social Security Institution, dental implementation can be fulfilled only if the commission from the departments of surgery, prosthesis and periodontology approves of the issue as a necessary process for patients. Simply put, general health insurance covers dental implementation in some conditions. If the process is not compulsory for body health, private clinics make the process done with the payment.

For dental prosthesis, the process can be applied once every 4 years related to general health insurance regulations. So to speak, one can’t benefit from a dental prosthesis for free more than once in a 4-year period.

Additionally, neck-gear is also included in general health insurance in Turkey. You can apply for neck-gear treatment from oral and dental health centers of public hospitals, oral and dental health hospitals, oral and dental health training and research hospitals, dentistry faculty of universities, and clinics.