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Delicious Turkish Dessert and Sweet to Try

Delicious Turkish Dessert and Sweet to Try

Baklava is the first sweet that comes in our mind. It is prepared by putting hazelnut, walnut or pistachio between 40 pieces slim wafer. Then, added sherbet. You may eat baklava singly but it is also served with ice cream and skin of milk. Its history is based on the Seljuq Empire. This sweet eating with pleasure by that time remains its popularity these days. You may see almost every corner in the city, selling the sweet or every restaurant serving this delicious dessert.

Another most common dessert in Turkish cuisine is undoubtedly sutlac. It is prepared with milk, rice, sugar inside; with hazelnut or cinnamon on it and also served in the pots. It has a delicate taste and good for your stomach.

It is one of the traditional desserts from the Ottoman Era. It is made with cornflour, rose water, milk, and sugar. Gullac becomes one of the most favorite desserts in Ramadan.

Probably every guess about what is in it will be the right because asure is made with water, rice, wheat, chickpea, bean, and sugar inside. Additionally, the dessert is garnished together with cinnamon, walnut, pomegranate, even peach in some region! This dessert, which is a unique place for the Islamic world. Some certain days of Muharrem are even accepted as ‘’The Day of Asure’’ and also handed out everybody in some certain days of this month (previous month of Ramadan) as a Turk-Islam tradition.

Helva is a common dessert for both Turkey and Middle Eastern countries and also has numerous types of it. In Turkish cuisine, the most common types of it are un helvası and irmik helvası. The dessert, which is found at the indispensable position, is generally made for special days and seems as a partner of happiness and sadness.

Kadayıf is just like the others based on old history. Despite being found many types of it, also found different making style for both milky and sherbet. Generally, it is known as a dessert with sherbet and served with pistachio.

It has been consumed since the 15th century, especially one of the most common desserts in the Ottoman palace but it assumed that its history is based on 300 BC, Sassanians. There are many kinds of lokum even you can’t imagine. However, lokum made in Safranbolu is separated from others with its delicate taste. You may eat delicious lokums everywhere in Turkey. If you are in Istanbul, Spice Bazaar in Eminonu will be the best place to buy. We offer you to taste lokum with Turkish coffee.

If you visit Turkey and go for eating kebab or eatery places, probably places serve you kunefe afterward. Somehow, this dessert was combined with kebabs and became one of the most favorite desserts in the country. The dessert is quite light and delicious and includes melted cheese in it. Being the part of desserts with sherbet.

Lokma is also delicious and eaten as small balls being a hole in the middle. Also a part of desserts with sherbet and made in paste. Besides, It has a different place for Turkish culture because it hands out when something happens good for people. Don’t be surprised if you see someone handing out lokma to people at the exits of the Mosque, weddings and more.

Another Ottoman dessert, made with fried paste and sherbet is one the most preferable Street desserts in Turkey.