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Cheapest countries in the world to travel

Cheapest countries in the world to travel

Why are we not exploring different and inexpensive countries, while the euro and dollar show an incredible increase? The world is filled with hundreds of countries waiting to be discovered. Some of the excellent places you can visit cheaply among these countries:


This country, whose capital is Kyiv, is among the countries known for its cheapness and entertainment life. Alcohol, meals, nightlife, accommodation is very cheap. It is among the countries that can be easily visited due to its close and visa-free status for some countries. Lviv, Kyiv and Odesa are really must-see places. Here you can stay for $ 6 for a night in this beautiful place. Local transportation is as cheap as 0.50 cent. You can eat a nice meal for 7-9 dollars.


This country, whose capital is Vientiane, is hard to go to but is very cheap to travel. You can visit different temples in this country, which attracts attention with its culture, very cheaply. For example, you can find accommodation for 8 dollars per day in the capital Vientiane. You can eat something for 7 dollars in this beautiful place. You can travel comfortably with a daily spend of 50 dollars.


Cambodia, which has the 1000-year-old Angkor temple, Chimeric Heritage and Apsara, one of the most magnificent structures in the world, is also among the cheapest countries. This country, which has a painful past that caused more than two million deaths thanks to the government in 1970, is really interesting. Those who want to explore this country cheaply can stay for 7 dollars in a luxury hotel and have a very delicious meal for 8-9 dollars.


The fascinating India, which has been the subject of movies and TV series, is one of the countries to be seen. You can travel very cheaply in this country whose capital is Delhi. Here you can even fill your stomach with 2 dollars and have a nice meal for 5 dollars. Local transportation is at prices such as 0.30 - 0.50 cent. You can visit this magnificent place very cheaply, even most of your money can stay in your pocket.


Vietnam, which is one of the most beautiful of Southeast Asian countries, comes first among cheap countries. It is a perfect country with its nature and structure. It ranks 25th in the world in terms of biodiversity. You can stay very comfortably for 5 dollars a day in the capital of this place. You can feed yourself with a nice meal for 5-6 dollars. Transportation prices are around 0.90 cents. You can visit this excellent country very cheaply.


Nepal has taken first place on the list of cheap countries. Nepal, the capital of Kathmandu, became an even cheaper country after the big earthquake occurred. In this region, which is open to tourism, you can stay in a nice place for an average of 5-6 dollars per day. You can have a nice meal for $ 6. You can spend a day very comfortable for an average of 35-40 dollars.


It is the second-largest country in Southeast Asia. It is a very, very cheap country. Its temples are places to be seen with their different culture. You can stay here for 6-7 dollars. You can visit beautiful places in the country for 30-35 dollars per day.


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, but it is also the poorest country. So it is very cheap. Its economy is awful among the other countries. Students prefer this country, which has many beautiful places to visit, for language education. You can stay here for 8 dollars in a cosy place. You can also eat in a very nice restaurant for 9-10 dollars.


Bali is the first island that comes to mind when it comes to Indonesia. There are thousands of islands outside this island in Indonesia. All of them are beautiful and different from each other. Moreover, it is very affordable to visit this perfect place. You can spend 45 dollars a day here like kings with food, beverage and accommodation.

Sri Lanka

The pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island country. It is a natural wonder with its ancient temples, forests. Since it has people from many religions, it has a very multi-cultural structure. You can stay for 7 dollars a day in a good hotel in this country whose capital is Colombo. Food prices are also between $ 5-6. You can visit this magnificent country with a daily budget of 30 dollars.

Ohrid, Macedonia

This small city, Ohrid, located in the heart of Europe and by the lake, contains the works that were included in the world heritage list by UNESCO in 1979. In addition, the view of the lake will be fascinating that many French writers have houses, especially on the lake. Domestic production wines are satisfactory both in price and taste.

Budva, Montenegro

Budva, which has an average of 230 days of sunshine per year and hosts the attractive and long beaches of Montenegro, comes to the fore with mostly sea tourism. In addition to sea tourism, the historical texture of the city and the lively life of the nightlife attract tourists from many countries to the city.

Tirana, Albania

The next city is Tirana, the capital of Albania. The fact that a dollar is about 117 Lek can be a precursor to your holiday will be very cheap. The opportunity to meet many Ottoman artefacts awaits us in the city. İskender Bey Statue in the city centre is the most striking of these works. In addition, the chance to taste the indispensable Albanian liver in Albanian cuisine will be waiting for you.

Belgrade, Serbia

Located at the intersection of the Danube River and Sava River, Belgrade is in a better-known position than Serbia with its glory and fame. This city also has traces from the Ottoman Empire. However, the prominent architecture is Yugoslav architecture. One Turkish Lira corresponds to 106 Serbian Dinars.