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Central House Sisli for lifestyle and investment

Central House Sisli for lifestyle and investment

Sisli is a town found in the European Peninsula. The modern town includes numerous well-known shopping malls, culture and art centers, historical artifacts and natural places.

When we talk about the town, ‘’Mecidiyekoy’’ comes our minds. This part of Sisli is known as one of the most important business centers that is covered with fully glass skyscrapers hosting well known local and worldwide brand throughout the town. Being at the heart of the city, the proximity to Taksim and Besiktas provides the town to become an enormous position among the other towns. Despite not located near the sea, Sisli has one of the best Bosphorus views from a high point.

The most populated area by skyscrapers is the intersection of Besiktas and Sisli. The line of skyscrapers on Buyukdere Street starts from the Sisli side which is Mecidiyekoy, Zincirlikuyu to Levent in Besiktas.

On the other hand, the town is featured with numerous parts such as Harbiye, Nisantasi, Osmanbey. The term of Sisli summons a different aura from person to person. For some, here is an elite place to hangout and shopping throughout Halaskargazi and Rumeli Street where they are found in Nisantasi. This place offers you worldwide brands, highly affluent customer base. Besides, here is an old high profile place so that the population base consists of wealthy people in their life. It hosts high society enabling you to see celebrities, artists, writers in the streets.

A little bit further, there are many public places such as Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater, Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater ve Lütfi Kırdar Congress Hall in Harbiye. Numerous well-known celebrities stage at these places and they attract people from all over the city. The advantages of being an old town come up again.

In addition to posh amenities, transportation in the town offers you all kinds of links such as metro to Nisantasi, Mecidiyekoy and Gayrettepe, Metrobus to Okmeydani, Okmeydani Hastane, Perpa, Mecidiyekoy and Zincirlikuyu and plenty of bus routes from the city.

So that lifestyle is based on a rush in the day because no matter which part you are in, you can witness to different samples of trade around you. If we have a little look at the town, we see that purchasing either the commercial area or real estate for rental income is going to be a suitable investment due to the proximity to the other important towns, being an important trade and business center and numerous transportation links passing through the town as well.