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Can My Children Be a Turkish Citizen?

Can My Children Be a Turkish Citizen?

It was not allowed to access the country you were going to move with your lately born children and stipulated of not coming back at least five years. You had to leave them behind. So to speak, obliged you to make a choice of two: Residency-Work permission or staying with your children. That’s why many people gave up creating a new life in a desperate way.

These obligations become rubbed out memories in the past when the time has started to change. Still changing. Since the first passport process was established; its rules, requirements, laws, and capacity has constantly shown an alteration.

However, the recent announcement from the Turkish Government gots a surprise by making a decision and changed the amount from 1.000.000$ to 250.000$ for people, who want to benefit from the advantages of a Turkish passport and an easy life in Turkey. When you get this passport with a 250.000$ investment, not only you but also your wife and children also have a chance to apply for Turkish citizenship. Every child may apply for if he/she is not more than 18 years old.

For instance, you have two children whose ages are 15 and 19. Younger can get a Turkish passport while the elder can not in this theorem. The elder needs to invest another 250.000$ to get Turkish citizenship.