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Are Turkey and India friends?

Are Turkey and India friends?

Indian-Turkey Relations

Turkey gained its independence on August 15, 1947, India immediately recognized and established diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Our New Delhi Embassy, Mumbai and Hyderabad Consulates operate in India.

Turkey is seen India as a deep-rooted historical and advancing with firm steps towards becoming a global power with the cultural heritage of friendly countries with its growing economy, a large market, military power, its superiority in space and information technology, its rich human resource owners.

Bilateral trade relations have started a new phase and both sides stressed the importance of developing bilateral cooperation programs in order to develop their commercial relations on a mutually beneficial and sustainable basis. However, in India, the world's second-most populous country, since the 1990s, has gained importance in the global economy and international politics, which led to Turkey's quest to develop a new strategy for South Asia. Turkey, while maintaining the traditionally good relations with Pakistan and Bangladesh, has begun to prioritize India in South Asian politics. In recent years, relations between the two countries have warmed up due to common strategic goals, and there is an increasing bilateral cooperation in the fields of education, technology, and trade.

Bilateral Commercial and Economic Relations
Our Main Export Products: Gold, silver, base metals, metal and copper ores; On imports from India, coal tar, crude oil products, and light oils

Our Main Imported Products: Synthetic filament yarns, parts, accessories and accessories for road vehicles, synthetic organic dyes, fluorescent lighting materials, polymers of propylene and other olefins, synthetic staple fiber, cotton, tractors

In addition, there are important developments in the tourism sector between the two countries. While 73.731 thousand Indian tourists visited our country in 2012, this number increased to 90.934 in 2013, to 119.503 in 2014 and to 131.869 in 2015. In 2016, this figure was recorded as 79,316. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the wedding tourism of wealthy Indian families towards our country. In 2019, 500 thousand tourists were registered, and by 2020 we anticipate 1 million Indian tourists to come to our country.