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Are Pakistan and Turkey allies?

Are Pakistan and Turkey allies?

The relationships between Pakistan and Turkey were shaped in the frame of both ally and the brotherhood when it was founded as an independent country in 14 August 1947. The independence of Pakistan was celebrated with various cultural events to make deeper relationships during 70th annuversiary in 2017.

The supports of subcontinent muslims to our Independence War take a different place in our minds. Also, the struggling of indepence and the effort of founding a modern state was inspired by the folk of Pakistan.

After foundation of Pakistan, high level visits have been setted into alliance relationships between two countries and the backups against the hardest times such as natural disasters provided to solidify the relationship in the level of people. Within the mechanism named ‘’ High Level Cooperation Council’’ in 2009 and then renamed as High Level Strategic Cooperation Council, the relationship was met as a coorperate progress. The 5th meeting of High Level Strategic Cooperation Council was arranged with the attendance of the Pakistanian president in that time whose name is Muhammed Navaz Serif in Ankara.

There are more than sixty (60) papers which are signed with Pakistan in the frame of HLSCC. These papers –signed in a various field- reflect to the mutual will in the perspective of developing more corperate and stronger relationships among the countries.
Additionally, both countries keep supporting each others at the international platforms.

High level mutual visits also contribute great progress between Turkey and Pakistan. In this frame, The president of the Republic of Turkey officially visited to Pakistan in 16 - 17 November 2016. Memnun Huseyin – whom he was the president of Pakistan in that time- attented to the commencement ceremony of the president of Turkey arranged in 9 July 2018. Besides, Arif Alvi joined to the openning of the new International Istanbul Airport in 29 October 2018 when the time is also ‘’the Declerance of the Republic’’.

At the same time, Imran Han officially visited to Turkey with the invitation of Erdogan in 3 - 4 2019. During the visit, two countries decided to make ‘’Strategic Economic Framework’’ for progressing economical and commercial relationships.

On the other hand, Foreign Affairs of Turkey visited to Pakistan in 13 - 14 September in 2018