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Land for Sale in Istanbul

Purchasing land for sale in Istanbul is initially challenging, but it becomes pretty simple once you know what you want. In a nation with a rich and varied terrain, you can purchase land for sale in Istanbul for various reasons and begin construction. Even while it is possible to buy land for sale in Istanbul on one's own, it is still advisable to get professional assistance from reputable real estate brokers such as Vartur Real Estate, especially for foreigners. The fact that there are restrictions and laws unique to foreigners regarding owning land for sale in Istanbul is one of the most significant reasons to choose expert guidance.

Can Foreigners Buy Land for Sale in Istanbul?

  • The 2012 property legislation grants general rights for foreigners to hold land for sale in Istanbul subject to certain restrictions, including the land that you will buy is not close to any critical military installations, more than two years without owning any agricultural land for sale in Istanbul or engaging in any agricultural activity during that time. 

  • Additionally, foreigners are not permitted to own agricultural land for sale in Istanbul that is larger than 300,000 square meters, so the size of the land for sale in Istanbul actually matters.

  •  In no case can the amount of land owned by foreigners surpass 10% of the territory's total area. 

  • Hut construction is not permitted on agricultural land for sale in Turkey.

  • It is also necessary to have a vast scope for building homes, as the State specifies.

  • Purchasers cannot use agricultural land for sale in Istanbul for construction under legal ownership.

Where to Buy Land for Sale in Istanbul?

People are constantly moving to Istanbul, meaning the city's construction firms are always working on something new. We cannot offer meager costs for the Istanbul lands, which play a crucial role in the building industry. People who want to invest in or buy Istanbul real estate still have viable possibilities. If you are in the market for a piece of land, one of the best places to look is Cekmekoy. You'll find many new-build residential communities at the interchange with the North Marmara highway. Due to the presence of a third airport, the area is also an up-and-coming residential location. Land in Istanbul's Arnavutkoy is an excellent choice for individuals wishing to live and invest in a prestigious neighborhood. The area of Arnavutkoy is increasing in value every day, making it a great place to put money.

With the new regulations in place, this is one of the best locations for building homes for the population. It's easy to arrange transportation because of its proximity to the Northern Marmara Highway. Further, the nearness of the third airport to the area increases its perceived value.

Price of Land for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul real estate prices are notoriously unpredictable, but you can get more precise pricing based on your needs. Due to the vast size of the country, where prices of land for sale in Istanbul vary widely, it is necessary first to consider the use of the land for sale in Istanbul, such as agricultural or building, followed by whether or not it is near metropolitan centers. If you're interested in finding more information on land prices in Istanbul, you can reach out to us. We are pleased to assist with any real estate needs, whether in Turkey Real Estate or Dubai Real Estate.