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Restaurant for Sale Turkey

Turkey is a country where foreign investors can open restaurants to explore different facets of the tourism sector. Large cities like Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir are also suitable locations for an opening restaurants for sale in Turkey, even though some of them perform very well in partnerships with hotels established in well-known resorts. The choice to open a restaurant for sale Turkey is entirely up to the future owner, who may also consider factors like the kind of food the establishment will serve or whether a catering division will be included. The procedures for opening a restaurant for sale Turkey are the same, regardless of the specifics of the establishment.

Restaurant for Sale Turkey: Food laws

When opening a restaurant for sale Turkey, legislation is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. Turkish restaurant owners are required to abide by several laws; however, the following are the most crucial ones:

  • The Food Premises Regulation outlines the hygienic requirements that all restaurants must meet;

  • The Food and Feed Law, which outlines the permissions that must be secured upon starting a food business;

  • The Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulations, which permit Turkish restaurants to offer tobacco products and alcoholic beverages;

  • The Operation Permit Regulation, which establishes the requirements for obtaining a license to run a restaurant for sale Turkey;

  • The Turkish Company Law, which mandates that a restaurant for sale Turkey owner register a business form in order to carry out operations.

Restaurant for Sale: Factors that should be examined

In general, there are a few factors to take into account when opening a restaurant for sale Turkey. The most crucial of these is to request the necessary licenses and permits, the issuance of which can take many months. For instance, it may take up to three months until the premises registration certificate is issued. Within five days of submitting the required paperwork and documentation, the operation permit can be issued. The permits that must be obtained through the municipality must be given more time. It is significant to remember that all Turkish enterprises that serve food must adhere to the aforementioned regulations.

Restaurant for Sale: Register a company

A local or international investor must first choose and register one of the building types recognized by Commercial Law in order to open a restaurant in Turkey. One of the best possibilities out of them is a private limited liability company. The start-up capital needed for this kind of business is close to 3,000 euros, but the owner of the restaurant must also take into account costs associated with the location, the equipment, and the ingredients used to prepare the meal.