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Shop for Sale Turkey

Where to Invest in Shop in Turkey?

The most populous city in Turkey is the best location for a shop investment. If you want to buy a shop for sale in Turkey, you should investigate the city with the highest quality of life among those with the highest population. Here is a list we made for you of the cities in Turkey with the most people living there.


Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is home to 15,840,900 people, placing it among the top 15 most populous cities worldwide. Because of its central location in Turkey, Istanbul is a hub for the country's economy, culture, education, arts, and transportation. However, the city's rich history and stunning landscapes are also major draws. Istanbul has been the capital of some of the world's most powerful empires for hundreds of years. It is a real-life open-air museum with palaces, mosques, bazaars, museums, parks, and many other natural and historical wonders. Istanbul, Turkey, is a metropolis of 39 districts and a major tourist destination because of its location at the meeting point of two seas as well as continents. Istanbul is Turkey's largest city, with 18.66% of the country's population.


Ankara, the Turkish capital since 1923, is the country's second-largest metropolis, with a population of 5,747,325. Ankara has 25 different districts and many places of interest for tourists, such as the Ankara Castle, the Anitkabir, the Haci Bayram Veli Mosque and Tomb, the Kocatepe Mosque, and the War of Independence and Republic Museums. Ankara is in the middle of Anatolia, making it easy to get to a wide range of services and amenities, such as travel, transportation, education, and the arts.


Izmir is the third-most populous city in Turkey, with a population of 4,425,789 people. It is a busy city known for its long history, strong economy, trade by sea and land, educational opportunities, cultural wealth, and potential as a tourist destination. Izmir is the most exciting city in the Aegean. It has 39 districts, and Ephesus and Bergama are just two of the great historical sites.

Can Foreigners Buy Shop in Turkey?

A foreigner may purchase or set up shop for sale in Turkey. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security gives permits and lets businesses open. But you have to get a work permit from a related ministry. 

Before purchasing a shop for sale in Turkey, one should be aware that the country's government approved a new retail law in 2015 regulating most of the goods sold there. The new rules apply to shops for sale Turkey that offer fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, food, and even clothing. All businesses that operate in the country must also sign up for PERBIS, a new electronic information system.

Is Buying Shop in Turkey a Good Investment

Of course, when someone gets a job, they want to be successful. That is why we, Vartur Real Estate, are here to give you the most relevant information to your needs. To make your decision buying shop in Turkey a good investment, we ranked the highest-functioning stores, which are focused on determining whether or not a company is producing quick cash flow for owners and potential investors; you should closely examine the most successful stores. Having a fast cash flow is crucial if you need to take out loans or use credit for the Turkish shop you buy. Since this is the case, focusing on the busiest shops makes sense. We've put together a long list of tried-and-true retail strategies to help you run a successful shop anywhere in Turkey.

  1. Cafes

Cafes are one of the most successful types of businesses in Turkey. Most of the time, debt is not an issue for shops like this. Your loans and debts don’t cause any trouble after all. Yet, the business can be unsuccessful if you run it poorly. If you want to buy a cafe in Turkey, you should take a guide. 

  1. Jewelry Shop

A shop dedicated to the display of jewelry is a simple business to launch. It's one of the many low-cost yet high-impact performance enterprises that may start anywhere in Turkey. In most cases, you will need to make wholesale purchases from major jewelry retailers in the country. It's possible to make a lot of money from these items. It's a business model that may have you selling necklaces to customers for as much as 40 or 50 times what you paid to get them wholesale.

  1. Cig kofte (Steak Tartar a la Turca)

One of our country's most beloved treats is Cig kofte. It's a fast way to earn money in many areas of the country. These shops, including service and distribution establishments, provide a wide variety of employment opportunities that you can also benefit from to get Turkish citizenship. Cig kofte shops have already been formed through all distribution channels, so you will only have to do a little. While maintaining happy cig kofte-lover customers does not require a significant amount of prior experience on your part.

  1. Pastry Shop

Pastry shops are among the most successful establishments in Turkey. Since borek is one of the most well-liked tastes in our nation, businesses that offer it and other items with a similar flavor profile have, for many years, demonstrated a growth potential that is significantly higher than that of many other comparable industries.

Price for Shop for Sale Turkey

It depends on how much money it will cost in Turkey Real Estate. As an illustration, $3,377 on average is enough to start a grocery business in the area. However, starting a business in the city's center might cost $6,755. Do not be duped by these low costs. I'm speaking hypothetically. Get in touch with our team members for the healthiest advice. Though, it is less expensive than it is believed to apply to the official authorities. Of course, these above costs also cover devices, cash registers, etc. No further expenses exist. We advise you to calculate your funding needs well.

How do I buy Shop in Turkey as a Foreigner

In order to succeed, foreigners who wish to purchase a shop for sale in Turkey should pay attention to a few things. For example, regarding the shop's area of activity, you should research and plan. You can schedule a business summary, a market study, and a management style for marketing and sales to organize the model line and financial information. You may need training in the maintenance of the position. By getting ideas from different communities and support groups, it will be possible to form a well-rounded point of view. However, in any case, you should guarantee the workplace. For a new shop for sale Turkey, location and security are crucial factors. Small enterprises might receive a lot of assistance. Tax-exempt bonds are among the financial resources provided to private businesses by the government. You should have the required paperwork ready, including your license and tax number.