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High Investment Value Commercial Property in Valuable Location

646.000 $

Ref. Code #68936
  • Listing Date:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 200 Square Meter


Umraniye area is considered one of the vital areas on the Asian side of Istanbul, whose value and economic importance is increasing day by day, as its population and population density are increasing, in addition to the growth of real estate and commercial projects and business centers in it.Umraniye area has become one of the areas that attract investors and businessmen, as it is considered the Asian center of Istanbul, in which the Istanbul International Financial Center is located, and it is located near Uskudar metro line, which gives it a high investment value and importance.

About the Property

EnPlaza building is situated on the Trans European Motorway and Sile Expressway interchange, one of Istanbul’s oldest industrial zones. The site is also becoming a major office and business quarter of the Asian side of Istanbul. Situated north of Umraniye, one of the oldest and major dwellings of Istanbul, this urban axis is one the fastest growing urban areas of Istanbul as mentioned industrial zone is diminished.EnPlaza is on the very busy street which is usually very congested as work days' beginning and closing. Around this shop, Ümraniye Industrial Estate, office area, Avrupa Konutları, Ümraniye's most important commercial settlement are located. This region is one of the old industrial zones of Istanbul. EnPlaza is located on the busy street that connects this fast-growing business area with the district that hosts the most vibrant commercial life of Ümraniye.It opens the store fronts to the west and north, according to the plot location, the elevation level to the west and the busy street to the east. In addition, terraces designed for large terraced food and beverage establishments on the 1st floor are located on the north and east facades.