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Hasan Boğaçhan Şenbulut

Editor & Aftersales Specialist

He was born in 1996 in Fatih, İstanbul. He completed his bachelor's degree in Faculty of Language, History and Geography at Ankara University. He previously worked as an international sales specialist in insurance companies and worked as an editor on daily news websites. He has been working as an Editor and Aftersales Executive in our company since January 2020. He is preparing and managing the subtext of our YouTube videos, supporting to video shoots, translating videos, preparing articles for, managing aftersales process such as receiving customer orders, ordering the products they desire, providing turnkey and interpreting services to customers while they are in Turkey. His Interests: Writing articles, Reading books, History His Personal Characteristics: Talkative, Humorist, Cheerful, Calm, Determined, Detail-oriented, Quick Learner