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Kalkan is a picturesque seaside resort town in Turkey's Antalya Province on the country's southwestern coast. The most important things to know about Kalkan are:

  • One of Kalkan's selling points is its stunning scenery. The town's location between the towering Taurus Mountains and the azure seas of the Mediterranean Sea makes for a stunning backdrop.
  • Away from the rush and bustle of the metropolis, Kalkan has preserved its small-town charm and calm ambiance, making it the perfect place to unwind.
  • Kalkan's harbor and historic district is a picturesque area with winding alleyways and whitewashed buildings covered with bright bougainvillea and a variety of unique stores and eateries. Visitors congregate around the gorgeous harbor, which serves as a hub for activities such as restaurants and boat cruises.
  • The beaches and sea in Kalkan are among the best for swimming and sunbathing in Turkey. Patara Beach, Kaputaş Beach, and Kalkan Public Beach are the best places to swim and sunbathe.
  • Water sports are plentiful in town, and visitors can go scuba diving, snorkeling, or take a boat tour to discover secret coves and islands.
  • Kalkan is a starting point for the Lycian Way, a long-distance hiking trail that passes through some of the most scenic and historically significant areas of the region. Hikers can visit historic sites and take in spectacular vistas along this path.
  • The nearby historical sites of Patara, Xanthos, and Letoon provide visitors with a taste of the region's illustrious past and present.


Kalkan, located in Turkey's Antalya Province, is a charming seaside community. Its thriving tourism industry is thanks in large part to its stunning Mediterranean vistas and charming old town. There are several distinct neighborhoods in Kalkan that attract both permanent residents and visitors:

  • First, the town center of Kalkan features charming boutiques, eateries, and cafes that are tucked among the whitewashed homes and narrow streets. Its proximity to the harbor and other points of interest make this area a top pick, particularly among tourists.
  • Second, to the west of Kalkan's downtown is Kalamar Bay, a popular residential and vacation area. Private villas, boutique hotels, and short-term rental apartments are just some of the places you can stay. The harbor provides excellent opportunities for swimming and other water sports.
  • Located to the west of Kalkan, Kisla is the third-best option. It is best known for its waterfront properties, including luxurious villas with private access to a sandy beach. Peace and serenity have taken the place of the city center's commotion and chaos.
  • East of Kalkan, in a neighborhood called Komurluk, you will find mansions with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. It is a quiet area that is close to some of the best restaurants in town and has its very own stretch of beach.
  • Ortaalan, a tranquil residential area, is conveniently close to Kalkan's commercial core. Those seeking peace and quiet without giving up easy access to urban amenities would thrive there.
  • Just above the town center, on a hill known as Kızıltaş, are some of the best views of the Mediterranean. It is a combination of vacation rentals, apartments, and villas.
  • Kalkan Mahallesi, a little further inland than the seaside regions described above, is home to several neighborhoods. You can expect to find year-round residents and seasonal visitors here.

Depending on your preferences and needs, different parts of Kalkan may appeal to you more than others. There are those who prefer the hustle and bustle of the city center, while others seek solace in the quiet of the bays and hills outside of it. Private villas and apartments, for example, can be rented for vacations by groups of varying sizes and price ranges. 

(Kalkan's most expensive real estate is typically located in the city's most sought-after neighborhoods, though exceptional locations and high-end finishes may cause some luxury developments and homes to command even higher prices.)


Kalkan is a hotspot for real estate investors because it has an extensive selection of available housing. Popular choices include villas, apartments, and townhouses; those that exist typically feature private pools, gardens, and breathtaking views. The rental revenue from apartments in Kalkan is more reliable and consistent, especially during the peak tourist season. Townhouses provide a comfortable blend of individual space and community conveniences at a lower price than comparable detached single-family homes or villas.

Properties located closer to the town center, beaches, and amenities tend to fetch greater rental and sales prices. While many of Kalkan's newer developments have sleek aesthetics and convenient features, it's important to check the credibility of the builder and the quality of the materials used.

Foreign investors should consult a local real estate agent or attorney and acquaint themselves on Turkish property regulations. Keep an eye on the local real estate market so you can anticipate price changes, demand fluctuations, and the optimum times to purchase and sell. Think about the property's potential as both a rental and a long-term investment.

Real estate investments, whether in Kalkan or elsewhere, should be approached with caution and after careful consideration of the investor's financial goals and risk tolerance. Don't forget that, careful preparation and an in-depth familiarity with local market conditions and regulatory frameworks are essential before making any foreign real estate investments.



Kalkan, a gorgeous town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast with a variety of attractions and activities for people who want to have fun and learn about the region's rich history and culture. If you're wondering what to do in Kalkan, here are some popular alternatives:

  • A visit to Kalkan would not be complete without a boat tour or gulet cruise. You can go on adventures to the nearby islands, secret beaches, and underwater caves. Swimming, snorkeling, and wonderful traditional Turkish cuisine are common on boat cruises. If it comes to scuba diving and snorkeling, Kalkan is one of the best places in the world. You can learn how to dive and go on guided dives to see the reefs and shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea.
  • One of the longest sandy beaches in Turkey is just a short drive from Kalkan, and it goes by the name of Patara Beach. Sunbathing, swimming, and lengthy strolls down the beach—this is paradise. You can also visit the amphitheater and Lycian tombs at Patara's historic ruins.
  • Check out Kaputaş Beach, located between Kalkan and Kaş and famous for its beautiful turquoise seas. There is a steep set of stairs leading down to the beach, but it is well worth the effort because it is a popular area for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Take a stroll around Kalkan's picturesque Old Town, with its winding lanes, whitewashed buildings, and bougainvillea-draped walls. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, and unique stores and galleries.
  • Kalkan is a great place to sample local cuisine, as it is well-known for its excellent seafood and Mediterranean dishes. Don't miss out on the town's fantastic eateries, serving up both authentic Turkish cuisine and a wide variety of other flavors. Be sure to sample the local appetizers (mezes), seafood (grilled or otherwise), and baklava.
  • Xanthos and Tlos, both located close by, are recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These historical sites include Lycian tombs, theaters, and archaeological remnants.
  • Kalkan is in a prime location for hikers thanks to its proximity to the Lycian Way and other stunning paths. You can go on treks that lead you through the beautiful scenery, taking in the sights of the countryside and the Mediterranean.
  • Parasailing, jet skiing, and paddleboarding are just a few water sports you can enjoy at the many Kalkan beaches. It's a fantastic way to spice up your trip.
  • In Kalkan, you can also attend one of the most famous, a traditional Turkish night at one of the city's restaurants, where you'll enjoy belly dance performances, live music, and a menu featuring a wide selection of authentic Turkish foods and sweets.


Kalkan attracts guests with its picturesque scenery and laid-back atmosphere all year long. How you spend your time in Kalkan depends mainly on when you decide to go.

Kalkan enjoys the warm Mediterranean sun from June through August, the peak of summer. When the temperature is at its highest and the water is at its most appealing, tourists flock to the area. Sunbathers, beach bums, and swimmers rejoice: the time is now. Water activities, boat rides to secluded coves, and beach lounging are all within your reach. The city of Kalkan comes to life with its many festivals and exciting nightlife. Be aware, though, that the town tends to get congested and expensive during these months.

Kalkan is at its most pleasant and temperate in the early fall (September to October) and spring (April to May). It's not swelteringly hot outside, but it's still relatively comfortable. It's a great time to go sightseeing in town, on picturesque trails, and at historical places. There will be fewer people there, making it easier to unwind and take it easy. In general, lodging costs are lower during these transitory periods. The sea is still warm and pleasant, making it perfect for a variety of water-based pursuits.

Even though it's not the high season for tourism, Kalkan's winter months (November–March) have their own special allure. Mild temperatures and occasional rain make this a great time to visit if you want peace and quiet. Keep in mind that some establishments may be closed at this time, especially in less populated areas, and plan accordingly if you want to travel there. Although swimming and other water activities are more difficult, the town takes on a tranquil atmosphere and makes for an excellent option for a cheap vacation.

Overall, the best time to visit Kalkan is highly subjective. Kalkan has something to offer visitors year-round, from a lively summer scene to a moderate and peaceful shoulder season and a tranquil winter hideaway.



Kalkan, a picturesque Mediterranean town on the Turkish Riviera, is a great option if you're seeking a place to settle down and buy real estate in Turkey. Kalkan isn't geared toward tourists in the thousands but rather affluent buyers who value the region's natural, understated splendor. Read on for advice on how to invest in Kalkan property in 2023!

  • The first step in purchasing real estate in Kalkan is to determine the type of property you're interested in. You can choose between modern apartments with shared utilities and quick access to the heart of town or roomy villas with private pools and scenic vistas. The old town features historic stone homes, while the trendy Ortaalan neighborhood is home to modern mansions. Houses in Kalkan range in price from low to high based on factors including square footage, condition, and number of bathrooms. The average cost of a luxury villa is between $500,000 and $1 million, whereas an apartment costs between $150,000 and $300,000.
  • Second, you need to investigate the present and future state of the Kalkan real estate market. Real estate prices in Turkey are rising rapidly in terms of the Turkish lira, although this may not be the case when converted to other currencies. Foreign buyers may benefit from the depreciation of the lira if they are able to purchase goods and services in Turkey for less money. However, this also means you need to watch out for swings in the exchange rate and inflation when calculating your returns. You should also be aware of the title deed fees, stamp duty, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax that come along with purchasing real estate in Turkey as a foreigner.
  • The third step in buying property in Kalkan is to choose a trustworthy real estate agent who can assist you in your journey. Knowledge of the local market, access to a variety of homes, and previous experience working with international clients are all hallmarks of a competent real estate agent. They can also help you with things like paperwork, bargaining, inspections, and support after the deal has been made. Many real estate brokers advertise their services online, and you can also get referrals from satisfied customers. However, before hiring someone, you should always verify their experience, skills, and references.
  • Finally, once you've found the perfect home in Kalkan, you need to be prepared to make an offer and follow through with the purchase. In comparison to other nations, the purchase process in Turkey is simple and quick. The entire process, from making an offer to officially handing over the keys, often takes between four and six weeks. In order to put down a deposit and get on the seller's preliminary contracting schedule, you can expect to spend about 10% of the purchase price as a down payment. After that, you'll have to pay the final installment and related expenses at the title deed office, register for a tax ID, open a bank account, and get a military clearance (a formality for foreigners).

We hope you've found this guide to buying property in Kalkan in 2023 helpful. Investing in real estate in Kalkan is an excellent choice for either living in it or renting it out to others. Contact us at Vartur Real Estate to learn more about the real estate options in Kalkan and elsewhere in Turkey. We are here to help you find the ideal property in Kalkan.