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What are the best resort in Turkey for families?

What are the best resort in Turkey for families?

All families are willing to rest in a peaceful and calm resort during their vacations. These resorts are generally located in the towns of Mediterranian. The beauty of nature and tons of blue wipe out your all stress on you. The sun refreshing your body, pure sand and beach exactly fascinate you.

Resorts in the Mediterranean

The coastal side of the Mediterranean is always the number one area that makes your dream come true. Within different colors throughout the day, it serves with places that fulfill you with life energy by all means. So, you can have an idea just by checking the most peaceful and calm resorts on your vacation route.

Kleopatra Beach

The beach is one of the most featured places on the list despite being crowded but not loose its proper line. The place is advised not only us but also worldwide because the beach consists of a blue flag that indicates the clean of the beach and clear water to swim.

The Closest Airport: Antalya Airport

Peace: 10/3

Population (2019): 327.503

Price: Expensive

Region: Mediterranian Region > Antalya > Alanya

Featured: The most popular vacation resort

Icmeler Bay

The place found in the middle of the gorgeous nature, good smelling of flowers near the bay is going to be an amazing choice. It promises you the perfect vacation profile in this place fully equipped for water sports.

The Closest Airport: Dalaman Airport

Peace: 10/7

Population (2019): 6.378

Price: Moderate

Region: Aegean Region > Mugla > Marmaris

Featured: The most peaceful resort

Ayazma Bay

You can prefer Bozcaada if you are a person of peace. Here hosts beautiful sunsets, a mixture of clear water and golden sands indispensable for many local and foreign tourists.

The Closest Airport: Canakkale Airport

Peace: 10/7

Population (2019): 2.465

Price: Cheap

Region: Marmara Region > Canakkale > Ayazma

Featured: The most peaceful and closest resort to Istanbul

Akbuk Bay

Amazing beach and clear sea attract people who want a peaceful vacation. The place is mostly preferred especially by adult people due to having low humidity despite the weather is hot. It is also suitable for your pocket. Within the proximity to Altin Kum in Didim, the bay offers you colorful nights near the sea.

The Closest Airport: Bodrum Airport

Peace: 10/6

Population (2019): 6.277

Price: Cheap

Region: Aegean Region > Mugla > Gokova

Featured: Cheap resort in Aegean Region

Resorts in Aegean Region

The region is a paradise with amazing weather, shinning sands and one of the most beautiful seas in the world. That’s why you should plan your vacation by knowing the coastal side of the region well.


The town –which is known as the pearl of the Aegean Region – announces the term of excellent vacation to many people so that always takes the first place. There is no, unfortunately, the second. Exchange offices, eatery points, five stars hotels, and even hostels create a colorful night besides offering a silent environment either. Here also hosts the most known water sports activities.

The Closest Airport: Izmir Airport

Peace: 10/2

Population (2019): 9.745

Price: Expensive

Region: Aegean Region > Izmir > Alacati

Featured: The most popular resort in the Aegean Region

Yahsi Bay

The place is generally preferred by adults. There are numerous cafes throughout the bay. The cooling sea always meets you despite the hot weather. Cooling is a unique feature of bays that offers you peace at the same time.

The Closest Airport: Izmir Airport

Peace: 10/4

Population (2019): 9.551

Price: Expensive

Region: Aegean Region > Mugla > Bodrum

Featured: A peaceful resort in Aegean Region


The resort attracts people who want to call for peace with their family in the vacation. Within the enormous architecture and amazing nature, it seems as if it is a green reflection of paradise. You can rest in the middle of nature. Due to the low depth of the sea, the bay is so popular between children and old people. You can give your children enough freedom without fear thanks to low depth.

The Closest Airport: Dalaman Airport

Peace: 10/9

Population (2019): 1.651

Price: Moderate

Region: Aegean Region > Mugla > Akyaka

Featured: A peaceful resort in Aegean Region


Just like Akyaka, people prefer the location for the low depth of the sea. Also, there is a long coastal line of Ilıca in Cesme. Here is suitable for children and old people.

The Closest Airport: Izmir Airport

Peace: 10/9

Population (2019): 1.118

Price: Moderate

Region: Aegean Region > Izmir > Cesme

Featured: A peaceful resort in Aegean Region

Peaceful Vacation Places

There are plenty of calm resorts in Canakkale, Aydin, and Izmir. These places are featured with being peaceful places, prices, appropriate budget for all besides eatery restaurants, common exchange and rent a car culture. It is possible to reach wherever you want on foot and by car. The Aegean line is as precious as the Mediterranean Region. For instance, Gokova and Akbuku are seen as the most peaceful places. However, we couldn’t ignore Oludeniz, Fethiye located on the Mediterranian side. On this issue, Turkey creates many opportunities that you can plan your vacation to multiple places.

The Term of Peaceful Vacation

Oludeniz is also a place hosting many visitors all seasons in each year. It pushes upper levels on the list due to being one of the natural beauties. Such a low depth the has that even your little baby can freely swim in the sea. Within an impressive ecosystem and hot climate, the town is a hometown of people who are willing to renovate their souls. Dalyan Beach has also a great nature. You need to travel there by boat journey. You’ll get it that untouchable nature awaits you. Besides, you can also witness the newly born Caretta Caretta.

On the other hand, Kaputas Beach – which is located between Kas and Kalkan – is one of the most sought after resorts in the country. The amazing view of the turquoise sea from pine trees is worth to see. The place is seen as the pearl of Kas and Kalkan for people. Briefly, it is possible to find a peaceful place all over the regions which are near the sea. On the other hand, if you are not addicted to sunny weather, the towns of the Black Sea can also be suitable for you.