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Video 8 - Türkiye'de bir mülk nasıl satın alınır

Video 8 - Türkiye'de bir mülk nasıl satın alınır

How to buy a property in Turkey?The video introduces how to buy a property in Turkey without coming to Turkey. Buying a property remotely consists of totally seven steps that any foreigner buyer can handle with the process. Just by giving the power of attorney to someone living in Turkey such as a broker, you can easily invest in Turkey from your hometown after a couple of paperwork.

Your property invesment can be based on may aspects. It can be luxury properties in Istanbul, holiday homes in the western coast of Turkey or luxury open houses with the Bosphorus view. No matter what it is, handling with buying a property in Turkey through the bank is quite easy. By preparing a couple of documents translated by Turkish Consolate in your hometown, so that your attorney can associate with your all process of your Turkish property such as tax number and title deed issues at the Land Registry Office. Moreover, same attorney can be used to activate your utility bills such as electric, water and gas.

After your title deed, tapu process is initiated. Any foreign nationals can also apply for Turkish citizenship programme if his/her investment is more than 250.000$. So, any person can get a citizenship. It means permanent work permit and residence permit at the same time.

Is Buying a Property in Turkey a Good Investment?
Property investment in the big cities such as Istanbul real estate is seen as one of the biggest market for local and foreign real estate investors. According to Knight Frank Global Property Index, the interest rate of Turkey real estate takes 6th place among the most profitable real estate markets. In addition to it, the market is becoming more eligible as Turkish Lira loses value in exchange rates.

Besides, Turkey has started to push upper levels with its fast-growing economy and enterprises in many fields such as the biggest airport in Europe, the defense industry and high-tech headquarters. Due to having a young population, rooted history and the geographical advantage, there is no such risk about falling at the economy so that your investment can turn out highly rental income and finding a buyer to your property will not be a big deal to come over it.