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Türk Vatandaşlığının Saklanan Sorularına Yatırım Yoluyla Cevaplar

Türk Vatandaşlığının Saklanan Sorularına Yatırım Yoluyla Cevaplar

When you watch the total video about Turkish citizenship, you will become as expert as Mrs. Miray Celebi who is our guest today. Thanks to the cooperation of Nurol Tower, we are digging into every corner of the Turkish citizenship process from the beginning to the end by all means. We divided the process into three parts as pre-process, in-process, and post-process. All questions are prepared depending on the importance you should know and in accordance with frequently asked questions to me. Related to the video;

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1. Do I need to speak Turkish?
2. Do I need to live in Turkey?
3. Which country citizens can buy property in Turkey? Which can not?
4. Which property that is purchased after when is valid to apply for Turkish citizenship?
5. How should the power of attorney regarding the acquisition of property be?
6. Can I buy more than one property to apply for citizenship?

7. How should I make the payments of property?
8. Can I apply for citizenship by buying a property in installments?
9. Is it possible to apply for citizenship through a preliminary sales agreement?
10. Is it possible to apply for citizenship by mortgage?
11. What are the necessary documents for the title deed process?
12. What are the taxes during the title deed process?
13. How are we responsible for the taxes after purchasing a property
14. What is the valuation report and what is done for before applying for Turkish citizenship?
15. How is Investment Compliance Certificate acquired after purchasing the property?

16. Am I going to pay tax for my worldwide income when I become a Turkish citizen?
17. With one property, is it possible to obtain more Turkish citizenship except for the investor?
18. In case the investor does not have only a single wife, can the other wives get Turkish citizenship?
19. Is there mandatory military service after citizenship? Does my son need to go to the military when he becomes 18?
20. By applying with POA without coming to Turkey, can I get a Turkish ID and passport from the Turkish Consulate

If your questions are not included in our video, don't forget to commend below. We are definitely looking forward to answering all your question marks in your minds! Also, visit our citizenship by property investment page besides having a look at unique properties!


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