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Vlog#5 Tiny House in Turkey

Vlog#5 Tiny House in Turkey

Cem Demirer who is the owner of Vagoon House Company hosts us in his tiny house gallery in Beykoz. Today, our subject is a different kind of house named ‘’Tiny House’’. This type can be located wherever you want such as in a jungle, desert, the edge of the city and more. It offers you many opportunities to live for a long term inside it. Water tank, hot water, electricity, lightning... Everything that a house includes. These buildings are not only a living place but also there are types for commercial designs such as a cafe, concert hall and more.

An environmentally-friendly trend aims not only to marketing a living space but also to living style. According to Cem Demirer explanations, the people who is willing to purchase a tiny house also turn their life out a minimalist life meaning that less clothes, stuff, furniture and energy. Depending on the point of view to view, people establish basically their wishes on this idea, he adds. Also saying that the purpose of the trend shows variety from the culture to culture. For instance, the people living in U.S. – which the trend is first launched – purchase a tiny house to live directly in the edge of a city. However, a tiny house is seen as a vacation house near the beach or a resting house near nature in the European countries including Turkey. It can be located on the edge of a mountain, forest, beach, canyon depending on how you recognize the vacation environment.

Besides, the tiny house saves energy at a critical rate. It produces its own hot water and doesn’t waste much energy due to the lack of electronic stuff, except for a fridge and lighting spots found in the house. The history of the trend is based on decades ago in the United States. That’s why the culture varies more in this country. Because of having a vast land and expanding city organization, it creates an opportunity for big cars and areas so that the laws permit wider area for the square meter so that a tiny house works out at a regular house in Europe. However, the legal procedure in Europe is a little bit narrow.

Mr. Serif takes you a great journey in the middle of nature and shows you the increasing tiny house trend which has already gone up in the U.S. and recently Europe. We see that this trend will be constantly popular in Turkey as the others. That’s why it will be the advantage of watching this video. Live the experience!