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+ Should I learn Turkish?
+ Should I pay in local currency?
+ Is it mandatory to make investment with dollars or can it be done with Turkish lira?

+ Can I obtain Turkish citizenship?
What are the advantages of having turkey passport and citizenship to foreigners?
+ What is needed Turkish Citizenship application documents?

+ If all the conditions are met, is it certain that I will get Turkish citizenship?
+ How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship and my new passport?
+ How much is the minimum value of the property to be purchased for Turkish citizenship?
+ How long is the accepted time to prepare a property valuation report?
+ How is the dollar exchange rate calculated when paying for the property?
+ Can I register the value of the property at title deed at a price lower than its real price to lower the tax rate?
+ Can I authorize another person to submit a citizenship file and follow up the procedures instead of me?
+ How to issue Power of Attorney abroad?
+ What are the requirements for Land Registry Procedures?
+ What is Turkish Citizenship service fee and how is the payment structure working?
+ How can I find a suitable property to buy for $250.000 valuation at least?
How can I manage the property rental process, if I don’t want to use it for living?
+ Can I pay the property amount in cash?
+ Can I buy a property by installments to apply for Turkish citizenship?
+ Can I buy more than one property to apply for Turkish citizenship?
+ I have a property I bought previously, can I apply for Turkish citizenship?
+ I have a property that I bought before the Turkish Citizenship Law was issued. Can I renounce ownership of this property and transfer it to my wife's name or one of my children and then buy it back to apply for Turkish citizenship?

+ Can I sell the property directly after obtaining Turkish citizenship?
+ Can I buy a property from my brother or my non-Turkish friend and apply for Turkish citizenship?
+ Who is eligible to get Turkish Citizenship in my family, if I applied?

+ If I get Turkish citizenship after buying the property, will my wife and children get Turkish citizenship with me as well?
+ If I get Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property, how can my children over the age of 18 get Turkish citizenship with me?
After obtaining Turkish citizenship for a real estate investment, will I be called for compulsory military service in Turkey?
+ Which requirements do I need to extend my work permit with the 2020 January restriction?

+ Can I open a bank account?
+ Who will pay the maintenance if I rent?


+ What are the local taxes?
+ How much tax do I have to pay if I sell my property?
+ Can I take my money back to my country if I sell my property?

+ Which type of properties is good for investing?
+ What is the minimal quantity that can be earned by making investments with the view of applying for residency?
+ Can I get furnishing along with the house?
+ How must does it cost to buy furniture for the home?

+ If I buy a property in Turkey can I get residency?