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Video 9 Boğaziçi Evi Turu

Video 9 Boğaziçi Evi Turu

Inside a $15 Million Waterside Istanbul Bosphorus House Tour
$15 Million Waterside Istanbul Bosphorus House Tour introduces you Istanbul waterfront mansion found on the line of amazing Bosphorus in Istanbul. The unique route is counted as the most precious area, lined with luxury waterside mansions in the European side. Besides offering you peaceful living style, this luxurious villa shines with being at the heart of Istanbul. Within these aspects, seaside mansions in Istanbul are definitely separated to the other villas in Istanbul. Today's waterfront triplex real estate consists of;

An Annex outside of the villa
Parking area with the capacity of three cars
Spacious kitchen
Wide living room
Vast top floor with sunlight
Terraces with stunning
Bosphorus view
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms including
Jacuzzi Well designed garden and also a pier for your boat

You can enjoy your posh amenities in a unique location at the same time. There are 600 mansion style luxury homes throughout the Bosphorus and approximately 150 of them remained from 19th century. Despite being in need of renovations to these pasha mansions, lined from the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea, purchase price for some of them are still 100 millions dollar. Within a little renovation to this house, you can see the true value of it and make great profits more than 18th centuried villas in the Ottoman era. What's more, living near the Bosphorus is going to get you gorgeous memories with your family and friends as well.

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