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Video 12 Vadistanbul Tam Rapor

Video 12 Vadistanbul Tam Rapor

Vadistanbul Full Report
On my new Istanbul investment video, I am explaining about Vadistanbul and 9 residential Istanbul apartments projects around it. Together with being the combination of living, working, and entertainment, there are plenty of ready-to-move and off-plan projects and new ones are going to be expected to construct. So, any person who want to invest in Istanbul real estate should get the location and the properties around it in detail, I think.

To understand the value of the region, it is highly important to find answers about - "What kind of settlement is Sariyer and its sub-city, Ayazaga?" - "Where is Ayazaga District?" - "What are the advantages of each of these 9 projects around Vadi Istanbul" - "Is this location a good idea to invest?" and the most important question is that "why these properties are featured more rather than the other real estates in the city" You could find an answer to all these question marks on the video. As a person setting up his own workplace in Vadi Istanbul, I’m glad to share my experience with investors.