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Video 10 En İyi 10 Restoran

Video 10 En İyi 10 Restoran

TOP 10 Istanbul Restaurants | Where to eat best Turkish Food?
Top 10 restaurants in Istanbul by the Broker Serif introduces the best options in the city for people who want to taste delicious Turkish food by the hand of well-known chefs. Some of them have a worldwide reputation such as Nusret at the same time. Serif Nadi Varli shares his experiences on the best eatery points including numerous locations around the city. As you could find whatever you look for in the list, Broker Serif makes certain statements for each menu so that you can easily tend to the best alternatives found in these istanbul restaurants.

According to the list you can add your tour guide;
1-Shining restaurant visited by top level people
2- Seafood restaurant in the Asian side, Beykoz
3- Worldwide restaurant in Nispetiye
4- Old city view hotel restaurant in Karakoy
5- A restaurant on the hill in Besiktas
6- A kebab restaurant near the Bosphorus in Kurucesme
7- A launch restaurant in Vadi Istanbul which is both residential and business center
8- A peculiar doner kebab restaurant in Nisantasi
9- An authentic restaurant in Spice Bazaar
10- One of the best Bosphorus view breakfast restaurants found in Rumeli Hisari

Turkey consists of a vast food culture that varies on eatery amenities from meat dishes to kinds of seafood, from the Mediterranean and traditional salads to luscious desserts and appetites. In this perspective, the country is seen as a heaven like place for food lovers and travel vloggers. Tasting delicious foods near the striking Bosphorus view is going to get you enormous memories with your family and friends. On this purpose, Serif Nadi Varli compiles the best options for you in the realm of food,