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  • Antalya is a beautiful city on the Turkish Riviera, which stretches along the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its turquoise coast. Its shoreline, known as the "Turquoise Coast," is famous for its stunning beauty and gorgeous scenery.
  • Antalya's Old Town, Kaleiçi, is a lovely district with Ottoman-era buildings, winding cobblestone lanes, and the city's original walls. Hadrian's Gate and the Hıdırlık Tower are only two of the many historic landmarks that can be found here.
  • The area around Antalya is rich in historical landmarks and relics, such as the ruins of the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos.
  • The Antalya Museum is home to an impressive array of antiquities from the region's long and illustrious past, including sculptures, jewels, and remnants from the Lycian and Phrygian civilizations.
  • The Düden Waterfalls and the Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park, both located in Antalya, are widely regarded as two of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the entire world.
  • The Taurus Mountains provide a fantastic setting for a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, riding, and trekking. Rafting and other extreme activities are common at Köprülü Canyon National Park.
  • Antalya is a golfer's paradise with its many championship courses and picturesque surroundings. Golfers come from all over the world to play here.
  • Antalya is the perfect base from which to embark on boat trips of the Mediterranean. On a gulet cruise, you can explore underwater caves, hidden islands, and secluded beaches.
  • Antalya's new marina is a lively neighborhood filled with restaurants, cafes, and stores known as the Antalya Marina or Old Harbor. You can take a stroll along the water's edge and enjoy the scenery.
  • Traditional Turkish meals, fish, and Mediterranean flavors make up Antalya's exquisite gastronomic experience. Do not leave without sampling some of the local fare, such as lamb kebabs and baklava.
  • Shopping is a popular pastime in Antalya, and the city is home to several different types of stores and markets.
  • There are many 5-star resorts in the area, and many of them have private beaches, spas, and all-inclusive packages, making this a great place to unwind in style.
  • Antalya Airport, one of Turkey's busiest, serves as a convenient gateway for visitors worldwide.
  • Antalya celebrates music, dance, film, and other forms of culture with a wide range of annual festivals and events. One of the city's most well-known events is the International Antalya Film Festival.



The southern Turkish city of Antalya has a thriving tourism business thanks to its beautiful beaches and plenty of historical landmarks. Apartments, villas, historic homes, modern residential complexes, seaside properties, rental properties, residential communities, and student accommodation are just some of the housing possibilities available in the city.

Antalya's preferred housing option is apartments, which come in a wide range of sizes and layouts. These houses are part of sophisticated complexes with amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and security. Villas range from small family houses to luxury villas with private gardens and swimming pools.

Due to tremendous urban expansion, Antalya has seen the construction of modern residential complexes with a variety of amenities. For a lavish seaside lifestyle or lucrative vacation rental business, beachfront houses with access to the water are in high demand. During the peak tourist season, rental income from investment properties, especially those located in bustling tourist hubs, can be rather high.

Antalya has many gated communities with shared amenities such as private schools, malls, and parks for its residents to enjoy. Investing in student housing close to university campuses is another option.

It is crucial to do extensive research, talk to local experts, and evaluate your investment goals and budget before making a real estate investment. Residential buyers, vacation renters, and investors can all find what they're looking for in Antalya's real estate market.



Come with us as we discover the historic and scenic city of Antalya, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Make the most of your time in Antalya by following these genuine recommendations.

  • Start your trip off right in Antalya's historic district, Kaleiçi. Explore the charming cafes, stores, and boutiques along the winding cobblestone alleyways that date back to the Ottoman Empire. Also, Hadrian's Gate and the Clock Tower are two landmarks you shouldn't miss. Antalya is nestled among historical attractions. Visit the well-preserved Roman city of Perge and experience its historic streets, theaters, and temples. Aspendos, for example, not far away, is home to one of the world's best-preserved Roman theaters.
  • Shopping in Antalya is second to none. Shopping for carpets, spices, and local handicrafts is a breeze in the Antalya Bazaar. The shopping experience at a modern mall like TerraCity or MarkAntalya is unique.
  • The beaches of Antalya are among the best in Turkey. With their pristine seas, Lara Beach and Konyaaltı Beach are frequently visited. The beaches along the Mediterranean coast are ideal for sunbathing and swimming.
  • Düden Waterfalls are a sight to behold as the river plunges over cliffs and into the Mediterranean Sea below. Upper Düden Waterfall is located in a peaceful park, and Lower Düden Waterfall is located at the point where the river enters the sea.
  • Eat at local eateries and kebab places to experience authentic Turkish cuisine. Authentic kebabs, meze, and pide are all worth a try. Turkish coffee or tea is a must, so don't forget to try it!
  • When you're ready for some fresh air, head to the nearby Taurus Mountains. Discover the region's natural splendor and quaint communities by going trekking, white-water rafting, or on a jeep safari. Explore the Taurus Mountains and come across the ruins of the ancient city of Termessos. The city's temples, agora, and theater are all remarkably intact, and the surrounding landscape is nothing short of spectacular.
  • The five-star hotels in Antalya are world-famous. If you want to enjoy spa treatments, water sports, and gourmet meals without breaking the bank, book a room at one of the all-inclusive beachfront hotels along the coast.
  • Examine the community calendar for upcoming festivals and cultural celebrations. Festivals of music, movies, and the arts are held in Antalya throughout the year, giving visitors a taste of Turkey's thriving cultural life.
  • Sail the Mediterranean's beautiful waters and see the sights. Swimming, snorkeling, and exploring secluded beaches and caves are all part of the package on many cruises.

In Antalya, you can enjoy the best of the past, present, and future all at once. The city has a lot to offer visitors, whether they're looking to learn about history, unwind on beautiful beaches, or sample authentic Turkish cuisine. Have fun in one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful cities!


Antalya is one of Turkey's most visited cities due to its beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and exciting nightlife. Whether spring or fall is preferable for a trip to Antalya depends on the traveler's goals. The summer months see the most visitors because of the pleasant weather, making them ideal for beach trips and other water activities. The weather in the spring (April-May) is pleasant and enjoyable, making it the best time to visit Perge, Aspendos, and the Old Town for sightseeing and historical exploration. The fall season (September-October) has moderate temperatures and fewer tourists than the summer months. The winter months of November through March are mild but can be rainy and cold, so they're ideal for visiting Antalya's historical and cultural monuments, sampling the local food, and taking in the city in a more relaxed atmosphere. It's possible that certain establishments will be closed or have reduced hours because of the holiday.



Foreign investors are drawn to Antalya, Turkey, for a variety of reasons, including the city's stunning natural beauty, diverse cultural offerings, and thriving economy. There is a wide selection of apartments, villas, land, and commercial property available in Antalya. The following are some suggestions and measures to take if you want to buy property in Antalya:

  • Research the Antalya real estate market, the best neighborhoods to buy, the legal procedures, and the costs involved before you begin looking for properties.
  • The first step in buying property in Antalya is to determine how much money you can spend and what kinds of financing alternatives are available to you. Consider not only the primary costs but also secondary ones like taxes, fees, commissions, maintenance, and utilities. Depending on its size, amenities, and location, a villa in Antalya can cost anywhere from $300,000 to over $1 million.
  • Once you've determined your price range and chosen a region in Antalya, you can begin browsing the sites' lists of available real estate. You can narrow down your options by selecting specific criteria such as product category, size, cost, region, and additional features. Location, asking price, property description, and images are all included in each listing.
  • The best approach to finding your ideal home in Antalya is to come to Turkey and check it out for yourself. You may fly into Antalya International Airport, which has connections to many other countries. An electronic visa for Turkey can be obtained online and is good for 90 days prior to your arrival.
  • Once you arrive in Antalya, you can contact the real estate agents or developers selling the properties of interest to you in order to schedule a viewing. You should look at as many homes as possible that fit your requirements and price range. Inquire about the property's current and past conditions, as well as its ownership and legal standing.
  • Make an offer to the seller if you've found a place that's suitable for your wants and needs. Be flexible with the sale price and terms, and utilize your market research and expertise to back up your offer. Ask the vendor for a price cut or freebies like new home furnishings or appliances.
  • Make sure there are no encumbrances, such mortgages or liens, on the property before you commit to buying it. In addition to the title deed (tapu), habitation certificate (iskan), earthquake insurance (DASK), and energy performance certificate (EPC), you should verify that the property has all required permissions and certificates from the relevant authorities.
  • Once you and the seller have settled on a price and terms of sale, you may move forward with securing the property by making a down payment and signing a preliminary sales contract. If the seller doesn't deliver the property by the agreed upon date, the buyer can get their deposit back, which is typically 10% of the sale price. All terms and conditions of the sale, including the names of the parties, the property's description, the price, the mode of payment, the delivery date, and so on, should be laid out in the preliminary sales contract.
  • The final stage in purchasing real estate in Antalya entails settling the purchase money and transferring the title deed into your name at the Land Registry Office (Tapu Dairesi). You will need a sworn translator (yeminli tercuman), a Turkish tax number (vergi numarasi), and a bank account in Turkey (optional). Some taxes and fees will also be due at this time.