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Bring Your Car Into Turkey

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Published: 04 Jan 2024

Bringing a car into Turkey is a demanding subject not only for foreign people planning to live and to make business in Turkey but also for local people due to high taxes, additional payments, and fuel prices when compared to the other European countries despite currency difference. Besides being some strict measures against it to block out turning into a commercial market along with the country, Some privileges are recognized to foreign people who are willing to live in Turkey.

How Can I Bring My Car Into Turkey?

Due to having already owned the car beforehand, there are some conditions for foreign people because of not being paid any tax for the car by the owner. However, the most important thing is to bring your car temporarily. If you plan a permanent move for the car, then you should be in charge of paying some taxes. With regulation implemented in 2015, people who live abroad for more than 185 days in a year can bring their cars with a foreign number plate. 

Moreover, the vehicle you brought from your hometown can stay for a two-year period of time. Then, it has to be transferred out of the boundaries of Turkey for at least 6 months. The 6-month permit is approved by the Turkish government at first and you can extend the period until 730 days in total. In addition to required documents such as car insurance and warrant accreditation, getting a power of attorney in case you are not the owner is highly recommended. What if you exceed the expiry date? Then, vehicle owners face serious fines in case of exceeding the permitted duration, especially after three months.

Purchasing Car with Foreign Number Plate in Turkey

Apart from bringing a car into Turkey, buying a car with a foreign number plate from abroad and accrediting it in Turkey is quite possible without customs duty, also called ‘’Importation-free’’. According to the law referring to the related part for foreigners. People who either apply for Turkish citizenship or

move their residency into Turkey can freely benefit from importation-free regulation without being questioned two-year residing in Turkey. Even though you avoid paying customs duty, additional fees such as VAT and SCX (Special Consumption Tax) are invoiced on behalf of you once the car arrives in the country.

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