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What is DASK

What is DASK

Above all, DASK is a type of insurance that should legally be done when you purchase a property in Turkey. The insurance fee is calculated regarding some parameters by determining the value per square meter according to the location and structure features and the multiplication of them with the gross size of the property. In DASK, the insurance fee is updated and re-calculated each year.


What is DASK

What is Mandatory Insurance When Buying Property in Turkey?


As the content of insurance related to residential issues, there are a couple of insurance models which some of them refer to your freedom of choice while one’s frame among them is lined with strict measures. Depending on your precaution scale beforehand in Turkey, insurance types are divided into two titles which are;


● DASK (Mandatory Earthquake Insurance)

● Residence Insurance (Optional Model)


Under What Conditions Do DASK Cover Your Damage?


DASK Insurance Policy, in other words, mandatory earthquake insurance covers the damage of earthquake and financial loss of natural disasters afterward such as fire, explosion, tsunami, and landslide. DASK covers your damage in the frame of agreement limits as cash. No matter what type of your property is, DASK is a required insurance for all.


The Content of DASK Policy


The maximum coverage amount is declared as 240.000 TRY for all property types by DASK. Regarding the maximum amount, the reconstruction cost of the destroyed structure is considered (excluding the land value) while calculating the maximum payment to you. Insurance payment – as long as it doesn’t pass over the declared limit – is determined related to the hugeness of the structure and the property type.


Footnote:Even if you choose to make an agreement with residence insurance, DASK is obliged to all property owners in the buying phase.


What is Residence Insurance?


Residence insurance is a type of insurance model securing you against natural disasters, fire, robbery, destruction, etc. insuring your household goods, appliances and installments in addition to earthquakes just like DASK. As the insurance is made annually, it can be cancelled unlike DASK.


If the Damage Costs more than DASK?


Residence insurance contains a wider range rather than DASK. It plays definitely a key role once the damage cost overpasses DASK and covers the rest of loss.