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Art Director

In the world where everything is electronic i would like to use this section to introduce myself virtually and to provide a quick summary of my journey to date as a graphic designer. My name is Parham Razi, i am a passionate artist who discovered the joy of arts, painting and designing at the early stages of life, it all started with a hobby to paint on my walls followed by freelancing in the field of graphics and design. I used my strong visualization and power of brining creative ideas to life and have successfully grow experience in this field. In addition I invested in my photography and videography skills and as a result have created diverse content for different purposes. To strengthen my knowledge I worked for global companies managing big account such as Nestle and have focused on branding and advertising . This milestone has allowed me to understand the world of media better and connect the dots between media and the need of bespoke creative/content.

As for my university degree I studied software technology engineering however focused my career on branding and graphic designing.

In an nutshell I strongly believe that we get the best out of ourselves when we pursue our dreams and turn our passions into meaningful work.