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Istanbul International Schools

Istanbul International Schools

Central city Istanbul – which is the bridge location of the Asian and the European continents, recognized capital for the Ottoman Empire, critical trade, culture, and political road for many countries related to different cultural unity– has always become a place where various cultural relations are blended together. That’s why, unlike representing certain groups, the city welcomes each world view with a great tolerance in every sense. Depending on it, it is quite possible to meet plenty of international schools accredited by either representing countries or in general from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia at the same time. From this point of view, there is at least one international school following a particular curriculum for its own purpose is located at almost all towns separately. To see features and qualifications of an international school in place in addition to lingual opportunities and international programs provided by the school, a little research from town to town will be handy for you before taking a step to a certain path.


International Schools in Avcilar


Al-Nahda International School


The school situated in Firuzkoy/Avcilar meets your children's education from primary and intermediate schools to high school education. Besides accredited by the American curriculum, studies of the Holy Qur’an, Islamic education, Arabic, and Turkish languages are taught and extracurricular activities appeared to.


International Schools in Atasehir


Brightkids International Preschool


The kindergarten's philosophy is based on the California/U.S.A preschool education model. Referring to the California curriculum, children spend time together on some activities such as lego, water and drama games, art, and writing activities by speaking English all the time. The institution tries to perform all these activities outside of the place as possible as they can. Moreover, the kindergarten consolidates speaking English with circle games related to dialogues with each other, thinking skills, preparation for writing and reading studies, creative drama, math and entertaining science events and support physical activities twice in a day.


All Branches: Atasehir, Besiktas (Etiler), Kadikoy (Fenerbahce & Ciftehavuzlar)


Basme International School


Basme preschools and primary schools found in Barbaros/Atasehir implement 21th century learning methods meaning that it also focuses on creativity, innovation, critical and analytical thinking, communication and cooperation skills while improving students on writing, reading, math, science, social studies and art on the one hand. Additionally, playing- based learning method – especially common in England – is accredited in Basme schools with Montessori method that refers to the freedom of choice in a funny, proper, and hyping way.


International Schools in Bagcilar


Jasmine International Schools


Full secured Jasmine schools spreading over 6,800 sqm land plot within Demirkapi/Bagcilar focuses on English and Arabic. Together with the international curriculum of Jasmine, studies are supported by advanced labs for physics, chemistry and biology and classes with the latest technology equipment such as full computer lab, interactive smartboard and of course, integrated ICT to the curriculum as the main teaching tool. Not only the danger from outside but also danger from inside is prevented through regular check-ups made by the full-time physician in the school. Jasmine schools consisting of 9 facilities is a place where 25 Arabic and 27 English teachers take place in.


Safir International School


Safir College is located in Ortakoy. Safir College students enjoy modern facilities including science labs, computer labs, gymnasium, swimming pool, sports facilities, a library and well-equipped classrooms that include smart boards. Safir Collage teaches the Turkish language as a third language which allows students to mingle and enjoy the country they are living in. In addition to teaching the core subjects, English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, school teaches the following subjects: the Holy Quran, Islamic Studies, Islamic History, Arabic, Turkish, Art, Music, Physical Education and Computer & IT.


Arab International School


AIS accredited by the Libyan education system has a powered security system providing a live stream controlling mechanism for Libyan Ministry of Education in each square meter through 88 cameras, even installed in the classrooms. In addition to high care security, AIS introduces music & art rooms, computer center, back up devices and headphones for language laboratory as well as science labs in place. Besides, there are indoor halls for basketball, volleyball and football to keep students healthy as well as elevate them up mentally. According to the Libyan curriculum, math, natural sciences, Arabic, Islamic education, history, geography, arts, music and PE take place in the first 9-year period. English is given to the students while superior language is featured as Arabic.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Al Fayez International School – Bagcilar/100.Yıl


International Schools in Bakirkoy


Canada Schools


With its amazing location in Florya/Bakirkoy, One of Canada Schools campus is situated within walking distance to Florya forest and coast way. Together with shining amenities raised around, the school has a bilingual education system consisting of English and French that means children are going to comprehend both languages properly at speaking, writing, and listening when they have graduated from high school. By the way, the progress of a child starts from kindergarten to high school in Canada Schools so that their language barriers break down in time.


For instance, English begins dominating math and science in primary schools through the CELPA system pulling them to the higher levels while French is given as a second language. When the secondary school period comes, all courses are integrated into English to educate students as developed individuals by continuing with CELPA. Thanks to the EAL program, it’s aimed to bring unsufficient students in English to an academic level of the language. Moreover, The Spiral Approach takes place that means the curriculum repeats itself until students comprehend exactly what they left behind in their progress.


All Branches: Besiktas (Ortakoy)


International Schools in Basaksehir


Lider International Russian School


As suggested by its name, the Russian curriculum is accredited in Lider International Russian School that consists of a long education period of a child aged from 4 to 15 years old. In Lider School, the main theme is based on becoming expats' homeland who belong to the Russian culture either their families or their ancestors. That’s why each course is taught in Russian, even activities such as concerts, festivals, and tours focus on celebrating three major cultures of Russian, Jewish, and Australian. LIRS is located in Bahcesehir 2nd Phase (Bahcesehir 2.Kısım) which is one of the most prime locations in Basaksehir.


American International Kids Academy


AIKA is a boutique organization located in Bahcesehir 1st Phase (Bahcesehir 1.Kısım) that aims to educate bilingual students in English and Turkish from preschool to kindergarten by using full-time modern education methods. In order to build a Balanced Acquisition System, AIKA intends to gather an inter-disciplined education program including attractiveness and required well-thinking of children.


Al Fayez International Schools


In a close distance to AIKA, Al Fayez Schools is situated in Bahcesehir 2nd phase. Bahcesehir district in Basaksehir is occupied by numerous international schools due to its multicultural population within it. Related to the structure, Al Fayez International School consists of multiple variations especially based on Arab nationalities besides Turkish citizens are approved of the school as well. IGCSE (Cambridge exam) is held each year to test children’s capacity in English. In addition to international connections, Al Fayez introduces plenty of highly-qualified labs, computer rooms, prayer rooms, and more.


Aqsa American School


817-student capacity Aqsa American School is established in 37 classrooms and 25 activity rooms. Located in Ziya Gokalp/Basaksehir, English and Arabic are fundamental languages accredited by the Turkish government as it educates your children in Turkish at the same time. The school also adheres to the American curriculum by AdvancED (COGNIA).


Istanbul Libyan School


Another school found in Bahcesehir 2nd Phase/Basaksehir is ILS which is also accredited by Libyan Education Ministry. According to the school regulations, all programs are decided on the Libyan curriculum.


Istanbul American Schools

IAS, which has a huge family around the world with more than 1,600 faculty and 35,000 students, 350-degree programs of 130 academic departments and 80 interdisciplinary research units, aims not only to educate children full of knowledge and skills but also certainly helping them to find their career paths related to their interests. The school takes in a great place with its %97 passing rate to universities and wide cadre including 112 well-improved teachers.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Manara International School – Basaksehir/Bahcesehir 1 st Phase

● Huda Schools – Basaksehir/Kayabasi

● Sena International Schools – Basaksehir/Kayabasi

● Rainbow College – Basaksehir/Bahcesehir


International Schools in Besiktas


International Small Hands Academy


Small Hands Academy gives service to children aged between two and six years old for the preschool period of your kids since 1996. The curriculum of the school is based on elevating up skills in personal, intellectual, emotional, and social improvement.


Together with being located on each side of Istanbul, your children have a transfer opportunity to the kindergarten at Utopya Primary School for a further level. Moreover, the school in Etiler offers a fully secured environment and spacious garden so that your children either keep their physical health or improve it and contribute their social skills by communicating with the other children. As brilliant young minds can be educated through Japanese, English, Turkish, German and French, the school promises full time and part-time options for parents as well.


MEF International Schools


In a prime location of the city named Ulus, English-based MEF Schools, including wide-scale education from pre-school to high school, is IB and Cambridge-accredited so that it provides both IB and Cambridge programs to students in high school. In parallel with internationality, the curriculum begins with the IB Primary Years Program in elementary school consisting of grades from 1 to 5. So, the IB program is integrated into the middle school and high school. Through an inter-disciplined education system accepted by top universities worldwide, the school offers an advanced diploma accredited by the CIS (Council of International Schools), NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) besides being a member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools).


British International School


BISI in Etiler provides a regulated English National Curriculum, IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to the 55 foreign nationals aged between 2 ½ and 18. In addition to the validity all over the world, BISI is a place where you can find the greatest variety of IB Diploma Programme course opportunities in Turkey. Under all these circumstances, the Council of British International School, the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges are accredited in BISI.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Brightkids International Preschool – Besiktas/Etiler

● Canada Schools Ulus Campus– Besiktas/Ortakoy


International Schools in Buyukcekmece


Istanbul International Community School


Lake view IICS located in Karaagac District offers plenty of social facilities spreading over 160,000-sqm gigantic land plot including two gyms, 1760 sqm sports area for multiple purposes, 2730 sqm outdoor basketball and tennis courts, 6230 sqm football pitch, 13,000 sqm vast playgrounds for primary and secondary students, three science labs and so on. When compared to the other international schools, even for public schools, this hugeness is a blessing for your children to support all their social and physical needs in total without stepping out of the school. Besides, the latest technology-equipped IICS such as MacBooks and iPads from labs to regular studies in classrooms is an education center that international requirements of the term merge into advanced technology. As an example of its brilliant tech development, students can explore useful courses for their futures such as 3D modeling, video game and application creation, photography and video post-production, robotics, and more in the Terminal part of the school. Since either making or creating new things shapes the frame of children's minds referring to problem-solving in a different way, the Makerspace approach aims to improve their visions much more productive rather than keeping them as passive individuals. By being one of the oldest private international schools found in 1911, IICS brings a long-term academic tradition of taking over your children's education between preschool to high school.


Alkev Schools


5-block Alkev Schools ranging from kindergarten to the high school are constructed over 30-acre huge land plots including countless amenities such as indoor and outdoor sports complex, science labs, and painting workshops. The Turkish-based school gives English and German courses through native teachers. Besides numerous social activities held by the school management, Alkev Schools get many achievements by attending competitions in literature, sports, science, and more.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Brights International School of Istanbul – Buyukcekmece Cakmakli


International Schools in Beykoz


Keystone International Schools


KIS, located in Acarkent where the place is totally a project covered with numerous villa type living style, offers a dynamic structure accredited by Western Association of Colleges (WASC) to educate children depending on the holistic and natural approaches that prepare them as life-long learners besides developing them socially and academically.

On the other hand, KIS students are going to have the right to get the Canadian High School Diploma without leaving Turkey thanks to the partnership between KIS Istanbul and KIS Toronto. In this way, the opportunity of attending university in Canada or somewhere accredited by the Canadian High School Diploma is provided by the KIS excellence.


All Branches: Kadikoy, Kartal, Tuzla


International Schools in Bahcelievler


Future International Schools


FIS accredited by American curriculum purposes ramping up students' skills in every sense by transforming them into highly qualified individuals by all means. Without racism and diversity barriers, FIS in Koca Sinan aims to contribute talented people to the global society.


Tulip Academy


Aside from accreditation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the calendar of Tulip Academy is based on English to make students ready for further studies and research in international schools. What students are going to improve themselves are teaching, pedagogical innovation and legal research throughout time. Thanks to the twin ship agreement cooperated with top international partners respectively;









Through the agreement, students can get online training, experience exchanging and scientific contributions in this way.


Al Manar International School


Since 2016, MIS, which is accredited by The Turkish Ministry of Education and American International Accreditation of Schools and Colleges, has taken the American curriculum (especially Virginia State Standards of Education) into consideration. Apart from standard curriculum including science, math and social studies, MIS programme offers English and Arabic languages together.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Rainbow College – Bahcelievler/Haznedar


International Schools in Beyoglu


German High School


On the land of rooted international European schools, DSI (Deutsche Schule Istanbul) in Sahkulu is accredited by the German curriculum. In addition to a well-organized library, there are two physics, chemistry and biology labs, computer labs, music rooms, painting workshops, indoor sports court for cultural and sports events, conference hall and outdoor sports court as well.


Galileo Galilei Italian High School


One of the rare Italian schools in Turkey, GGIH has been found in Kuloglu District of Beyoglu for dozens of years. The school is liable to the Italian curriculum, which means Italian culture and literature are seen starting from preparatory class as English culture and literature are studied at the same time. Moreover, as a building block of Italian, Latin courses start from the first grade of the high school so that students strictly comprehend how Italian culture is by all means when they go to the summer courses next to the family in Italy. In addition to the effort of breaking the language barrier, social obstacles exceed smooth, classic and pop music choirs and orchestras, theatre and short movie studies, various studies on literature, and many more activities in GGIH.


Galatasaray High School


The old architectural structure standing out in Istiklal Street reaches today from the 15th century when it was used as a complex within the huge garden that the treasure room, library, educational units of the palace and daily usage of the Sultan took place in Enderun. Due to the institution educating top-level educated officers, it was remembered with numerous names showing the belonging to the Sultan such as ‘’the School of the Sultan’’ and ‘’Mekteb-i Sultani’’.


Nowadays, Galatasaray is a public school where French, Turkish, English, Italian and Latin are taught as a standard process. On this issue, the school is accredited by The Turkish Ministry of Education, French Government, and Galatasaray Institution. Moreover, there is 30-student- capacity 54 classrooms, two multimedia centers, two painting workshops, two music rooms, two conference halls, a computer room, tennis court, three gymnastic courts, football pitch, 15-person nursery, nearly 1000- capacity dormitory in total and more. As having the most rooted history among the schools in Turkey, its popularity and qualifications don’t recognize boundaries around worldwide. For instance;


Native Viziers and Presidents


Corlulu Ali Pasha – The Great Vizier of the Ottoman Empire

Melek Ahmet Pasha – The Vizier of the Ottoman Empire

Suat Hayri Urguplu – Prime Minister of Turkey

Nihat Erim – Prime Minister of Turkey


Foreign Kings, Prime Ministers and Presidents


Zog the First – King of Albania

Yitzhak Ben-Zvi – 2nd President of Israel

Mehmet Ali El – Abid – President of Syria

Suphi Bereket – Prime Minister of Syria


Saint Benoit High School


Another well-established international school in Karakoy, St. Benoit High School stands out as one of the most rooted Latin-catholic institutions in Istanbul. With its French curriculum, students in the school are studying French, English and Spanish as well as German as an elective course and the school contributes to form an elite class society with French knowledge.


St. George Austrian High School


In the school located in Karakoy, students gain a great range of cultural levels by studying an education that consists of basic elements of both Turkish and Austrian education systems. What’s more, the school creates the chance of getting ‘’Matura (Austria Maturity Exam Diploma) that is valid for EU countries besides giving Private St. George Austria High School Diploma. On the Matura issue, a student who gets the matura diploma is identified as equal as Austria citizens while applying for the universities.


International Schools in Beylikduzu


Brights International School of Istanbul


In the Cakmakli District of Beylikduzu, the American curriculum is accredited in Brights International School of Istanbul besides Turkish and Arabic classes take place as well.


Al Fanar International School


As an international school accredited to the Turkish Ministry of Education, FIS aims to lift up students’ proficiency in Arabic, English, and Turkish. Together with including more than one curriculum, each curriculum is recognized by international universities. Through CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), Al Fanar targets to reach the core abilities of students and summon them up to the surface in every sense.


LWIS Istanbul International School


With its multiple compounds found in Lebanon (4), UAE (1), KSA (1) and Turkey (1), LWIS in Istanbul is accredited by the IB PYP system. The curriculum is supported by the latest technology pieces of equipment such as laptops and tablets given by the school management to make students attend to the online resources. The school, suggesting all amenities while the others have, keeps its curriculum as French and Arabic in addition to English. As a member of IB and PYP, LWIS meets children with workshops and conferences of these programs such as Microsoft Imagine Academy, robotics, arts, music, dance and drama, basketball, and drama.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Rainbow College – Beylikduzu


International Schools in Cekmekoy


Utopya Private Schools


As a follow-up primary and secondary schools of Small Hands Academy written above, Utopya also accepts outcalls from different kindergarten and schools no matter which term they apply for. According to the curriculum in UPS, English is the dominant language. Despite including numerous language opportunities such as French, German and Spanish, French is a must after English while a three-language package is an asset only for students who graduated from Small Hands Academy. In LWIS, students separated classes depending on their language proficiency so that support programmes can be applied for the insufficient students.


International Schools in Eyup


Aljazari International School of Science and Technology – Eyup Sultan/Defterdar


International Schools in Esenyurt


International Elite Academy


The school taking action with the motto ‘’we are not filling a bucket, but rather lighting a fire’’ aims to integrate children to S.A.T. with preparation courses besides regular curriculum. In parallel with it, educational needs are fulfilled with Chromebooks shared with students between grades 5 and 12 to take online tests and reach the core knowledge of Google education sites.


Al Mawakeb International Schools


Referring to the Lebanon curriculum, MIS in Akcaburgaz introduces one of the disciplines including sociology, economics, general science, or life sciences to the students in secondary school and accredited by both Lebanese government and the Turkish government at the same time.


Harvest International Schools


As a member of the K-12 international school category, HIS in Aksemseddin is liable to the American curriculum as well as it consists of Arabic, Turkish and Islamic studies. Main accreditation is the American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges (AIAAA) so that the school arranges co-curricular and extracurricular activities to improve awareness against the American curriculum. HIS, which is a full- time school organization, handles homework issues at the school instead of giving it to be done at the home.


Ihsan International School


IIS, covered with interactive teaching methods, aims to incorporate students to the courses as an active individual who can freely debate and question on the issue in the class. Thanks to this improvement, each student metaphorically grows up in a university environment and adopts it in advance. To show how to be able to come over, team activities are held to comprehend group learning regarding putting togetherness back on track. Registered students generally consist of the non-Turkish population. Besides being accredited by Edexcel providing them to attain numerous extra-curricular activities, the latest technology takes place in IIS not only for students’ requirements but also including parents through digital progress of tracking their children.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Rumeli International Schools - Esenyurt/Namık Kemal

● Modern English International School – Esenyurt/Namık Kemal


International Schools in Fatih


Aljazari International School of Science and Technology


American curriculum with HMH (Harcourt) is accredited in Al Jazari Schools where the place is multiple language-based in English, Turkish, and Arabic. To define a certain path for improving children’s progress, some methods such as Aljazari Learning Program (JLP) and Personal Development Program (PDP) are implemented to follow the progressive map of the children. Multicultural school with native teachers includes innovative courses such as drone and robotics labs as well.


All Branches: Eyup, Fatih, Kucukcekmece


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Yemen International School – Fatih/Dervisali

● Alawael International School – Fatih/Hirka-i Serif


International Schools in Kadikoy


Lycée Saint-Joseph


With its prime location in Caferaga, St. Joseph International High School stands for vintage-type international school concepts such as hundred- year schools in Beyoglu. As understood from the school title, the French curriculum is accredited by it. Within long-duration school excellence, St. Joseph takes a step forward with a highly successful student ratio accepted by international schools out of Turkey.


The Other International Schools in the Town

● Brightkids International Preschool – Kadikoy/Fenerbahce & Ciftehavuzlar

● Keystone International Schools – Kadikoy/Ciftehavuzlar


International Schools in Kartal


Keystone Schools – Kartal/Dragos


International Schools in Kucukcekmece


Aljazari International School of Science and Technology – Kucukcekmece/Atakent



International Schools in Sariyer


Tarabya British Schools


TBS in Tarabya, where Turkish and British curriculums are blended quite professional, prepares all courses in English except for Turkish Language and Cultural lessons and offers such university opportunities that are valid for anglophone countries such as Harvard, Yale and MIT in the U.S.A, Canada, well-known universities in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course, Cambridge and Oxford in the United Kingdom and more besides scholarship advantages for successful students. 15-student capacity classes are one of the effective patterns that lie behind the high ratio of contributing them as globally-oriented individuals. Besides spreading over a huge land plot with tons of green, TIS figures out to meet every need of students from arts, sports to fully equipped labs to polish upon their talents as much as a school is able to.


All Branches: Sariyer (Yenikoy)


Bosphorus International Preschool


In order to fulfill developing at each level, BIP regards to ignite creativity, exploration and curiosity skills of children by focussing on physical development at the same time. Physical growth is supported by healthy diets on the menu besides gymnastics, movement, music, and dance activities. According to the sample of daily schedule briefly;


● Children begin playing with toys chosen by themselves at first

● On behalf of gross motor development, different outdoor activities are done 

● In this step identified as ‘’circle time’’, children start to sing, learn

and discuss to improve their oral motor development. 

● Group activities take place in this step such as arts and crafts,

drama, and so on related to fine motor development. 

● At lunchtime, children are taught self-help development by making

them attend to the preparation and cleaning process of the table. 

● Some stories and goodbye songs for part-time children by making a circle.

● Full silence and book time for full-time children 

● Children can play whatever they want from video time, computer to dramatic play.

● This part consists of only art studies such as painting, collage,

modeling, etc. The first steps are implemented at further steps.


British International School


In Zekeriyakoy where the sub-city has detached and semi-detached villa type living style, BISI is accredited by numerous international organizations respectively the Council of British International Schools, the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and possesses being the only international school that holds these three accreditations together. Moreover, the school is made up of two campuses where one is found at the heart of the city while the other campus is located far from central settlement to ease sports activities. Countryside campus next to the Belgrad Forest and the Black Sea includes three gymnasiums, a big soccer pitch, and a 25-meter huge swimming pool in addition to the Botanique garden. What’s more, BISI students from 2½ to 14 years old can attain the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, provided by Cambridge International Examinations as well as they can find plenty of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme courses at the final term of school.


Istanbul International Community School


Hisar Campus of IICS found in one of the most diamond locations in the city where the school is situated in an old settlement of Istanbul has run an academically-superior  education institution since 1911. With its 2,048-sqm surface area next to the Bosphorus, Hisar Campus consists of a library, 90-sqm PE and music room, 33-sqm basketball court in addition to 180-sqm football pitch, climbing wall and two playgrounds sized as 160 and 408 meter squares.


Woodsview International Nursery and Preschool


The school in Tarabya ranging from two to six-year-old children educates them in small classes with two teachers besides all amenities the other preschools offer such as a suitable environment for physical growth by discovering as well as initial growth in every sense.


Eden’s Garden International Preschool


Eden’s Garden International Preschool in Yenikoy District shines as an enormous Bosphorus view villa that has the largest garden around the city. EGIP, which has educated children aged between 2 and 6 since 2005, aims to reveal brilliant minds by encompassing music, arts, science, technology, literacy, numeracy and physics through discovery.


Enka High School


Despite hosting to Turkish nationals in general, EHS in Istinye, Sariyer reserves a %10 ratio for dual citizenship from all over the world. On the accreditation issue, EHS is liable to the Turkish Ministry of Education as the school is internationally accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). According to the international curriculum, Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) are implemented throughout the education period.


International Schools in Sisli


Istanbul Notre Dame de Sion French Private High School


With its superior location in Inonu and heritage building, Notre Dame High School is bilingual institution giving English and French in nativelike levels and documented it through international certifications so that the school, which has a FranceEducation mark and cooperation with Galatasaray University (French-based institution) and non-governmental organizations, sends plenty of students to International French Universities.


International Schools in Tuzla


Keystone International Schools – Tuzla/Orta


International Schools in Umraniye


Rainbow College


IB Diploma recognized by 2045 universities worldwide is accredited in Rainbow College. Together with a close-bodied curriculum on IB PYP (Primary Years Program), the school offers your children to the high standardized education system through experienced teachers. Referring to the social amenities within Rainbow College, swimming pool, conference hall, science labs, zoo, tennis court, nursery, riding area, chemistry lab, biology lab, indoor and outdoor sports areas, organic agriculture class, cinema, Amphitheater, STEM lab, football pitch, physic lab and more are going to be helpful to pull students to their upper boundaries by all means


All Branches: Bahcelievler, Basaksehir, Beylikduzu


International Gateway Academy


After 2006 when the school added to Cambridge Examinations at IGCSE, AS and A2 levels until being a member of Cambridge Primary center in 2015, IGA attained accreditation from Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) in 2011 so that it has literally turned out an international school operating precisely with numerous social facilities equipped with the latest technology.


International Schools in Uskudar


Istanbul International School


The school found in Kisikli District consists of only foreign nationals from all around the world and transforms them into the future minds collaborating with global context and accredited by the British Cambridge curriculum.


Uskudar American High School


As an alliance of CIS (Council of International Schools) accreditation, the school offers a 5-year education system that the first year is a preparatory class and compulsory to attend. Moreover, %25 of teachers are foreign nationals and experts on English, math, French, German, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


The Other International Schools in the Town


● Istanbul International School – Uskudar (Kisikli & Kupluce)


● Keystone International Schools - Camlica