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Best Underwater Restaurant in Dubai

30 Jan 2023
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Dubai has been one of the most important places where foreign corporations conduct their management offices as a direct result of the measures that have been made to make the city more welcoming to people from other countries. Dubai is an emirate that was formed on the Arabian Peninsula and is known for opulent Dubai real estate, skyscrapers, majestic architecture, elegance, and comfortable accommodations. Dubai is comparable to an oasis in the middle of the desert. Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates' seven emirates, is also the most well-known for its wealth and prosperity.

  1. Ristorante L’ovio at Al Mahara Burj Al Arab

The best underwater restaurant in Dubai is inside the world's first 7-star hotel, Burj Al-Arab. Ristorante L’ovio at Al Mahara, the best aquarium restaurant is for those who don’t have Dubai real estate. Even though the restaurant is not actually in the ocean, guests can nevertheless enjoy authentic Italian cuisine while seeing marine life through the unbreakable glass that is 18 centimeters thick and surrounds the huge establishment. It's no surprise that the Burj Al-Arab houses the best underwater restaurant in Dubai given the hotel's remarkable stature. This hotel has a lot of character; let's check it out.

The architecture of the Burj Al-Arab stretched the frontiers of civil engineering. As a result, we can say that the structure catches the eye due to its complicated technical calculations, construction processes, and talents. Aside from the fact that the ground was made of sand, the most difficult thing for the engineers was the building had to be built above the ocean. The major motive for building an artificial island above the ocean is to give the appearance that the construction is floating on water. As a result, the artificial island had to be created low to the surface. The engineers spent nearly three years creating a ground/surface layer of huge rocks from the water. To prevent flooding, perforated concrete blocks were put in the bedrock in the shape of a honeycomb. These blocks are meant to act as a giant artificial "sponge" and slow down the effect of the waves. As I mentioned above, unlike other tall structures, the building's floor was made of sand. As a result, designing the foundations to hold the megastructure extending more than 300 meters above the sand base of the building was extremely difficult. 

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This enormous building, which measured 320 meters in length and was constructed on top of a man-made artificial island, was also situated in close proximity to fault lines and was exposed to wind loads that could reach approximately 100 kilometers per hour. Because of its orientation, Burj Al-Arab has a relatively low summertime heat gain. When considering Dubai real estate has high temperatures, the reduction of heat stands out as a critical element. The structure was vulnerable to strong winds and severe thunderstorms because of its location. The risk of blowing and breaking the sharp edges had to be taken into account. At this point, the engineers' first solution was to change the design of the building, but the architects denied this suggestion immediately. In order to remedy the situation, specific locations within the structure were outfitted with hung weights. When the wind blew, the 5 tons of suspended weights would sway, which would lessen the vibrations to a safe level. The reinforced concrete body, which contains the hotel rooms aside from the lobbies separate for each floor, is encased within the V-shaped steel frame that encircles the building. The Burj Al-Arab is divided into 28 sections and has 56 floors. The building's interior was made to look magnificent, electrified, and baroque.

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The interior of the building was designed by Chinese designer Khuan Chew, who is well-known for creating the interiors of luxury and high-profile hotels around the world, like all other Dubai real estate. Chew built the interior on the four ancient elements. There was water in the aquariums and fountains throughout the hotel, so the four elements of the ancient world were depicted by including a fire in one of the fountains located at the hotel's entryway, with steam standing in for the air element. 

The hotel also features not one but two distinct and appealing dining options. Al Muntaha is a C-section structure positioned 200 meters above the Persian Gulf. This structure was built using steel beams that were 1.6 meters thick. Al Mahara, another restaurant, has a vast seawater tank and was created to resemble a submarine adventure. To be able to handle the water pressure, the walls of the glass tank have been purposefully manufactured to have a thickness of 18 centimeters.

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Ristorante L’ovio at Al Mahara is an extraordinary pop-up of Capri's two-Michelin-starred L'Olivo, and it can be found glistening in the underwater restaurant Dubai of Al Mahara. The restaurant provides customers with a dining experience that they will never forget. Elegant and refined, the pop-up Ristorante L'Olivo underwater restaurant delivers delectable Mediterranean flavors and inventive dishes under the seductive glow of the coral reef aquarium restaurant Dubai that stands majestically at the center of Al Mahara. As guests make their way through the golden corridor that leads to the underwater realm of Ristorante L'Olivo, they are greeted by walls made of shimmering metal-colored walls. The rich atmosphere of the restaurant is created by the combination of velvety navy blue accents with soft white and gold colors. Sea-themed decorations also contribute to the restaurant's stunning setting. Take it easy and savor the delectable flavors while you watch the inhabitants of the aquarium, such as the fish swimming in and out of the coral and the rays flowing calmly over the water.

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The culinary customs of the area are given a refined and contemporary spin by Migliaccio, who does this by drawing inspiration from the area's rich history. His recipes, like works of art, are personal expressions of the gastronomic mysteries that fascinate him, and they are meant to be shared with others. The Capri outpost's white columns, natural tones, and excellent artworks provide a stark contrast to the Burj Al Arab's marine-inspired environment in this magnificent underwater restaurant Dubai.

  1. Ossiano at Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm is one of the luxury resorts built on an artificial island on Dubai real estate like the Burj al-Arab. 

Atlantis The Palm is on one of the branches of Palm Jumeirah and was inspired by the palm tree and the diamond, infusing fresh life into Dubai with its grandeur and brilliance. In comparison to the other hotels in Palm Jumeirah, such as the Jumeirah Zabeel Palace, which is designed to evoke Turkish culture, the Atlantis The Palm stands out as being quite distinctive. The Dubai International Airport can be reached from this hotel in 35 minutes, and the Abu Dhabi International Airport can be reached in approximately 90 minutes. Atlantis The Palm is an unbelievable haven of luxury that provides stunning views of a gorgeous beach that is approximately 1.5 kilometers long and is pounded by the cobalt waves of the ocean. 

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Standard rooms are 45 square meters that include an exceptionally comfortable giant bed or two medium beds, a bathroom with marble-tiled flooring, a private balcony, and a variety of high-tech electrical devices. Both the Ocean Deluxe Guest rooms and the Palm Beach Deluxe Guest rooms feature private balconies that offer breathtaking views of the ocean or the colorful city. 

Atlantis The Palm’s guests have a peerless experience thanks to its unrivaled level of luxury, and its enviable location. This stunning hotel provides visitors with a variety of amenities, including a private beach, two enormous swimming pools, and even a sophisticated nightclub. Guests may take advantage of all of these amenities throughout their stay at this lovely facility.

In addition, ShuiQi Spa, which includes a sports center, allows guests to relax. Furthermore, Aquaventure Water Park, the most magnificent water park in Europe and the Middle East, takes guests on a unique adventure in 17 hectares.

Aquaventure Water Park features a twisting labyrinth with water slides, water coasters, an H2O oasis, structures such as Leap of Faith, one of the world's longest water slides, areas without gravity such as Zoomerango, and even the world's largest water slide, Aquaconda.  For visitors interested in aquatic life, this hotel has a spectacular aquarium with 65 thousand of sea species, as well as a recreation of the legendary "Lost City" Atlantis. 

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Aside from the aquarium, lovely events are held in the intriguing bay where dolphins and sea lions can be found. You will never be disappointed in choosing to stay at this iconic Dubai hotel even if you have Dubai real estate.

Atlantis The Palm is home to a total of 23 restaurants, each of which is staffed by chefs who are skilled in delectable, high-quality cuisine. 

Ossiano Seafood restaurant, which has become the icon of the hotel, is known for preparing delectable dinners underwater. Ossiano, a sub-terranean dining area at the bottom of one of the world's largest aquariums in Atlantis, The Palm, is widely considered one of the most unusual dining locations in the United Arab Emirates. Ossiano Seafood restaurant competes with a distinguished underwater restaurant in the Maldives. Ossiano offers a variety of cuisines from across the world, including French, Lebanese, Chinese, and American. Alongside an impressive aquarium, Breton chef Gregoire Berger prepares exquisite seafood dishes.

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