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Why Turkey Property Investment

Why Turkey Property Investment

Over the years, Turkey began to take more investment from foreigners and got applications for living here. Turkey has been host to foreigners for many years and continues to provide citizenship by investment. The foreign direct investment law was published in the Official Gazette in Turkey on 17 June 2003. With this law, the number of foreigners in Turkey and the investments of enterprises increased and continues to increase. Turkey also provides special tax regulations, citizenship rights, and other facilities to foreigners. Due to the fast- growing population of young, qualified workforce, the geographical and geopolitical position, Turkey is a leading country preferred by investors. Regarding the rising interest of foreigners, property investment type can be shaped in the framework of living, commercial, citizenship, and setting up a company in Turkey. Despite three of them focusing on different advantages of Turkey, one thing is featured as a common purpose: Turkey is always at the top on the lists classified in aboveground, human, manpower amenities and more.


Why Turkey Property Investment


1 – Turkish Citizenship Program by Investment


The most striking feature takes a step forward as a Turkish citizenship program by investment due to offering you both living and investment opportunities together. According to the citizenship programme, you can apply for a Turkish passport by purchasing properties with a value of $250,000 in total in a lump. In this way, you can travel to more than 110 countries including South Korea, Japan and Latin America visa-free by the power of the Turkish passport besides permanent residency permits in Turkey.


Investment in Turkish Property


Plenty of impacts play an important role to make the process easier rather than the other countries, on investment issues for a property in Turkey. Together with being a rising interest worldwide, the Turkish government simplified the procedure for the sake of investors.


2 – Suitable Purchasing Environment


Unlike the previous periods of the country when the title deed process took a long and dense workload with lots of paperwork, Turkey has just facilitated the regulations by gathering all pieces in a couple of weeks totally. Through 30+ experience of Vartur Real Estate (About us sayfasına at),seach step of the buying process can be handled with ease.


3 – Structured Terms of Payments


If you don’t apply for the Turkish citizenship programme by investment(citizenship sayfasına at), you can benefit from structured payment plans that enable you to separate a bigger amount of your payment to installments after the downpayment so that it creates a considerable atmosphere to investors in purchasing phase.


4 – High Investment Value


Thanks to including two beautiful cities in the top ten visited cities worldwide and the patterns as suggested on the other titles, Turkey takes 6th place in the annual price growth index of Knight Frank Global Property Index. With this position, Turkey leaves countries behind such as Australia, India, and Latvia with %11.1 growth annually (property for sale in Turkey sayfasına at).


Living in Turkey


Living in Turkey means living in a vast universe that is a compound of multi- worlds spreading from West to East as a bridge. Depending on its geographical and cultural patterns, Turkey introduces a great number of portfolios that one of them definitely fits you well.


5 – Moving to Turkey After Retirement & Summerhouse


Besides this concept comes forward as one of the most common types in preference to Turkey, especially both western and southern coast ways are the most sought after migration centers after retirement due to having warm climate throughout the year, blue flag beaches, pure sea and unbelievable nature along the shores. Exchange difference between Turkish Lira and the other currencies lies behind expanding the idea so that you can buy either a brand new apartment or a private villa without requiring high price payments and set your new life under the sunny days of Turkey. Same as many people did, you can also get a property starting from $40,000 purchase price as a future investment on your own. To get an idea about what types of properties in general, Fethiye and Bodrum pages await all investors who are willing to obtain property from a heaven-like place just like in their dreams.


6 – Healthcare System


No matter where you move to in Turkey, an advanced healthcare system covered with fully equipped intensive care units, clinics, experienced doctors throughout city hospitals, public and private hospitals. On this issue, Turkey has already appealed to people from all over the world with health tourism in hair transplants, plastic surgery, and surgical intervention thanks to the exchange and capabilities of its doctors. Moreover, the density of hospitals provides you to reach any hospitals within walking distance.


7 – Schools Equipped with the Latest Technology


In either internationally, private or public schools, a wide range of education institutions includes high standard proficiency at technology, academic excellence, and their own culture coming from their rooted histories. As students can benefit from international transfer opportunities in some schools, their academic carriers are supported with numerous amenities in every sense. To get more about international schools in Istanbul,click here.


8 – Various Property Types

Thanks to its mixture structure and numerous climatic features as stated out on each title, Turkey is a place where you can find all alternatives that most of them are brand new properties such as apartments including loft, duplex, attic, penthouse, either forest view or sea view one, from studio to 7+ apartments with high ceiling and large garden and more and more or villa types varied as a duplex, triplex, fourplex, even five-storey villas with Bosphorus view, seaside, pier, in-site or completely private, swimming pool only belonging to you, in the middle of a forest, etc. in accordance with buyers’ preferences issuing site type living style in common throughout the country as well as the other options on the one hand.


9 – Strong Economy


If we start to discuss it in detail by moving away from the campaign words, the statistics claimed by international channels always tell the truth. According to the international reports, Turkey takes place in G20 which means the country is a member of a limited group such that these countries rule %75 of the world’s economy in total. Another reality on this issue brings us up a prestigious level worldwide. Becoming a first-step gateway of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe to each other makes Turkey a unique place to set up a company and living (residency permit sayfasına at) at the same time.


10 – Cultural & Natural Heritages


Due to being one of the oldest settlements referring to 9,000 B.C. in Neolithic Age and Mesopotamia that was the cradle of the whole civilizations around the world besides being a high demanding place for such great empires through history, Turkey contains plenty of cultural heritages from different civilizations related to Eastern, Southern and Western cultures. On the other hand, natural beauties stand out with all glorious mysteries through blue flag beaches, long walking paths in nature, rivers, lakes, Bosphorus, and more.

11 – Costs of Living


Same as moving to Turkey after retirement, lifelong living is going to be a profitable alternative with overseas-oriented currency or interior-cash by making business on mouth-watering lands of Turkey. One way or another, the country welcomes each individual without judging according to race, religion, identity, and hometown throughout Turkey. Even though the cost of living depends on where you actually move to, every city is quite a bargain and full of amenities.


12 – Easy Transportation


For some of us, wasting time on the road can become a great mess in vain. Lack of transportation channels may cause time-loss, and also trigger some serious problems such as missing the meeting, being late for the family dinner, an event, and more. However, Turkey blocks out all these obstacles by offering every transportation network through the subway lines, Marmaray, train roads, buses, Metrobus, sea travel, tunnels, and bridges.


Setting up Your Company


Besides subsidiary regulations especially for foreign investors, setting up a company in Turkey provides profitable incomes as well as may save you unnecessary expenses at some points through geographical advantage, manpower, and more.


13 – World’s Intersection Road


The country, which has the borders of three different cultures, truly stands out as a compound of three cultures so that common mind that can comprehend people’s ideas and behaviors belonging to these cultures reveals and it makes Turkish citizens more tolerant individuals as open-minded. Thanks to this empathetic feature and found in the midst of them, Turkey stands for qualified manpower that is capable of each culture’s idea and magnificent headquarter for a company that can control its workloads in Balkans, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia from a monopoly point.  In addition to it, manpower wages define your investment path across the country with bargain workforce wages. In Turkey where the country has the most qualified workforce in the region when compared to close-ranged distance, it provides a fully experienced and well- educated team with suitable wages in every sense due to the exchange difference. For instance, 1,000 euro may seem lower than minimum wage in developed European countries while you can hire a project manager with this amount as equal proficiency as the European ones.