Types of Wild Animals Living in Turkey

In our country, visible changes have been observed in the existing animal species in recent years. One of the important effects of these changes is the newly identified wild animal species. One of the important factors causing this wild animal diversity is that our country is almost a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Our country has wide fauna in terms of vitality. Turkey is seen as a total of 1279 Total number of vertebrate species. This makes Turkey one of the most diverse fauna, with the Middle East. It is known that with the introduction of new wild animal species recently, it has created a discussion environment by revealing various data on the subject to experts.

Turkey's Fauna is whole the members of the animal world living within the borders of Turkey. It attracts attention with its hosting many different animal species. The position of Anatolia between Asia and Europe is the main factor in this. The fact that vegetation is richer than other Middle Eastern countries (9,000 species of plants collected under 850 species) is another important factor since it has geographical regions with different climatic characteristics and therefore many animal species with different climate and nutritional needs can find a suitable habitat for them.

Thus, not only the fauna of the Mediterranean in Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus and the Arabian Peninsula are the typical types of fauna. Also, compared with European countries, it contains more species of mammal fauna of Turkey and this shows what can be classified neither as typical European fauna nor the fauna typical of the Middle East.

There are 160 mammals, 466 birds, 120 reptiles, 22 frogs, 127 freshwater fish, 384 marine fish in the fauna of Turkey. But some of these species are almost extinct completely, and some are at risk.
Turkey's most endangered animals are not predatory mammals such as Brown bear, or wolf, as originally thought; small species such as venomous snake, scorpion, centipede, spider and jellyfish are more dangerous for human safety. Animals such as bears, leopards, wolves, lynxes and jackals always try to stay away from humans whenever possible. Annual statistics on anyone in Turkey no one was killed by a predator; however, small insects such as mosquitoes and ticks every year make thousands of people caught a disease. The reason for the increase in the number of these small pest animals; It is mostly the reduction of the number of natural enemies by people and the balance of nature.

Especially because the snakes are considered dangerous animals, thousands of snakes have killed every year in Turkey. However, in Turkey between the 40 snake species are toxic in varying degrees and only 10 of them use the mouse and hunting poison to numb animals such as rats. Although in the regions where snakes are reduced, the number of mice burst, the main damage occurs in the agricultural area of that region.

Wolves and bears are also afraid of people and stay away if their environment is unstable and are not rabies. However, when they are starving for a long time in the harsh winter months, they approach the settlements and hunt dogs and other pets there or try to satisfy their hunger by mixing the garbage that smells appetizing.
Types Of Wild Animals in Turkey
We have mentioned that there are wild animal species known to exist in our country. We will take a look at well-known ones;
Golden Coyote
Golden Coyote, which is known for its fast-running feature, has a yellow colour and has strong legs despite its low weight. In this way, it can easily overcome the long-distance quickly.
There’s a myth that Turkish people are derived from this animal and even a wolf that has an important role in history. It lives in various mountainous areas of the Anatolian region.
Brown Bear
Brown bears are known as one of the largest animal living in Turkey in terms of volumes and living in more frequent in Eastern Black Sea inhabit of Turkey. This animal, which is very cute in terms of appearance, is known for its aggressive attitudes as well as its cuteness.
Mediterranean Monk Seal
Although not very well known, sea animals also contain wild species. The length of this sea animal, which is common in the Mediterranean coasts, can reach 3 meters. At the same time, its weight is recorded in the records, which is around 300 kilograms. These wild animals, which are evident in their appearance with their black eyes and whiskers, can be quite intimidating.
The amount of the number of species found in almost all the regions in Turkey are known to be surrounded by water up to 9-10.
Only 34 species of 350 kinds of Sharks living in the cold seas are seen in our country. These creatures, which people do not even want to encountered with them, do not harm unless they feel under threat of life.
Anatolian Mountain Sheep
This wild sheep, which is under the threat of extinction, has managed to attract people engaged in hunting with its noble appearance. It is known that only Turkey's borders in the world.
It’s another example of wildlife, is 4-5 times more imposing than a normal stray cat. It is known that they hunt on the mountain slopes, especially at night.
Hyaena Hyaena
This living creature, which continues its life by eating animal carcasses, is known for its long legs and strong chin. It is also among other under threat of extinction species.
Anatolian Leopard
It is known that this species, which is one of the subspecies of Iranian leopard, has become extinct. This species, which lives on the summits and skirts of the mountains, meets its nutritional needs by hunting.
It is active at night and lives in the forests. It is also known as Kızılca or Bombina. On the sides of the abdomen, there are spots of orange reddish or sometimes closer to red, and sometimes it’s closer to yellow. This frog species are unique species that live in Turkey.
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