Things To Do in Fethiye

With its valleys, bays, islands, beaches and extreme sports, Fethiye is indispensable for the young generation. With its ancient past, it promises its guests an unforgettable holiday. the most beautiful seas of our country from Ölüdeniz, Turkey's first long-distance hiking trail on the Lycian Way, the Knights of Rhodes Island, with its unique geography has a lot of beauty to the Butterfly Valley. There are beauties that it shows you, apart from the bays, beaches, islands and nature that fascinate you wherever you look. Fethiye is one of the most beautiful districts of Muğla. Fethiye, which offers many reasons for you to come back again and again, it is valuable and special enough to be a world brand in tourism. 

Enjoying the sea at Calis Beach

Çalış, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, delivers its guests with a wide beach, which is kilometers long, as well as hotels, restaurants and gift shops. It offers a magnificent visual feast for those who want to walk against the warm wind in the evening. It is an ideal holiday place for families.

Windsurfing in Oludeniz

In Lykians, ‘the land of light and sun’, in the Middle Ages 'Distant Land'. One of the most important natural beauties in Teke Peninsula, Turkey. Activities such as windsurfing and kite surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding can be done.

Peace in Kelebekler Valley and Kabak Bay

Butterfly Valley is surrounded by steep cliffs reaching 350 meters. It takes its name from more than 80 species of butterflies, and especially tiger butterflies. Kabak Bay is located on the historical Lycian Way in Turkey and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The most beautiful seas of our country from Ölüdeniz Turkey's first long-distance hiking trail on the Lycian Way.

12 Islands Boat Trip

If you’re coming to Fethiye you must go on the 12 Islands tour. It is absolutely necessary to reserve a day for boat tours departing from Fethiye Pier.

Paragliding at Babadağ Skirts

Who does not want to go up to the skirts of Babadağ and float like a bird against the magnificent view of Ölüdeniz. Even those who have no experience in parachute can experience the excitement of paragliding accompanied by professional instructors. It can be a little expensive. When you want to take pictures while jumping with a parachute, the prices go up one click. But you will want to immortalize this amazing experience.

Rafting in Dalaman

Dalaman Stream is one of the most important trails of rafting enthusiasts. It is 26 kilometers long and you can spend adrenaline-filled hours with your family or friends.

Delightful moments at Fish Market

Fethiye Central Fish Market offers the opportunity to eat which fish you want in the restaurant. It consists of a round fish counter in the middle and the restaurants around it. It stands out with its appetizers.

History break in Paspatur Bazaar

Presenting its ancient civilization to its guests in an original restored way, Paspatur takes its guests on a mystical journey with its souvenir shops, cafes, carpet shops, rugs, boutiques and jewelers. The old city, which takes its name from Paspatur water that has flowed through the middle for centuries. According to rumor, it brought everyone who drinks its water back to Fethiye.


Kayaköy, which is a neighborhood of Fethiye, is an old Greek village. Kayaköy, formerly Levissi, was a lively area where nearly 10 thousand people lived until 1923. The village, founded on the Ancient Keti of Karmylassos, a few kilometers from Hisaronu, was established on the slope of a hill. Kayaköy, which is one of the places to visit in Fethiye, was left empty for many years after it was abandoned by exchange. Kayaköy is now reviving with its narrow streets between pine, pomegranate and fig trees, houses on top of each other, churches, chapels and extraordinary views. Kayaköy Art Camp is a special place that can attract art lovers with yoga, workshops, shore excursions and camping. Over time, it will be one of the prominent places of our country with its boutique hotels, workshops and venues. Many beautiful and interesting places were opened. For example, Rokka Restaurant with views of Kayaköy is one of the best restaurants not only of Kayaköy, but also of Fethiye. The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and meat dishes. There is also a wine cellar in Rokka's historical mansion, where special tastings are made. Senit Breakfast House, which makes sour yeast bread in Kayaköy, is delicious as a boutique breakfast place. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can have a quiet breakfast with your family or friends.

King Tombs of Fethiye

The King Tombs of Fethiye near the town center of Fethiye are one of the most neglected and important symbols of the city. Rock Tombs, which are graves carved into natural rock, are rare works that have survived from the Lycian Period until today. These tombs, which can be reached by steps, are among the places to be seen with their views of Fethiye and the sea, the gothic structure and their admirable engravings.

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