Guess The Price You’ll Surprise - Villa in the Cukur Series - Turkey Vlog #4

Welcome to the jungle!

Vlog 4# was shot for people who want to live in the middle of the forest, feel the nature with birds’ sound and squirrels everywhere. Mr. Sami hosts Serif Nadi Varli in his house. Despite the land is in the middle of nature, only 20 minutes away to the city center. So close to the seaside of the Asian side so that you can access to Levent, Taksim, and Sisli - where the towns are found in European side - in twenty minutes. Each article from the table to mounted animals, from the land to the materials used in the house has a history. Meet the memories of Mr. Sami’s childhood in this dreamy place, Polonezkoy. You’ll fascinate when you watch it.

There will be enough space for all purposes in the 39.000 square meters of land! Besides offering the opportunity to hunt in your land. Additionally, the place is not limited to it. 

Imagine a land covered with posh amenities, only even inside of it in a high profile town. The local people consist of two kinds of folk that one of them is villagers who even symbolize high profile class, herd owners, and the owners of many shops in the city while the other part includes businessmen, CEOs, landowners and ultra-wealthy people who mostly rule the economy for both politically and culturally. So, buying this land means also getting prestige and creating a chance to become a neighbor of these people. 

Besides, the population of the town is approximately 405 people. Normally, it is less than any residence in the city. However, the town consists of big square meters villas. That’s why the population of the town contains a couple of families. Mr. Sami is one of them. 

His father who was used to work in Saudi Arabia for 25 years. Then, he came back to the country. As nature lovers, he saw the field, got fascinated by the endless forest view and purchased gorgeous vast land near the national park in Polonezkoy, Istanbul.     

This enormous property includes;

- 39.000 m² land (it takes minutes from the beginning to the end)

- The Barn 500 m² (Converted to commercial area, permitted from the government

- Triplex Villa 700 m²

- Guess House (Stone House)

- Jungle in your land

- Environment isolated

- Away from the noise in the city

- The proximity to the city center

The place is such a dreamy land for people who want to live in the city. Also, amenities found on the land offers you plenty of income possibility with a few touches. The natural area may host tiny house complex, marriage proposal area, wedding organization and other organizations that need a vast land for events.

On the other hand, the commercial area can convert to a highly affluent restaurant, sauna, spa, Turkish Bath, thermal spring with the forest view. These are traditional ideas that come to a person's mind. In addition to it, you can find a creative idea if you are a person of sports, art and more.       

Besides, the triplex villa contains five bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in it. Each room is designed with special materials such as a Brazilian wall, block stones, Italian firework, Italian fancywork handrails, a two-door fridge, numerous types of furniture gathered from different parts of the world. The windows of the house make you feel as if you are looking to the picture of nature from a different perspective. Who doesn’t want to live in such a place?     

There is no life in reality. However, the house is used for a gangster’s home in the tv series named ‘’Cukur’’, one of the most known tv series in Turkey and around it. The property is for sale everyone. 

To see the amenities of the land in detailed;

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