Special Places For Those Who Will Spend Valentine’s Day in Istanbul

There is little left until Valentine’s Day. The whole world is ready to celebrate another February 14 Valentine's Day with their lovers. Therefore, they will be looking for the most suitable places for Valentine's Day, which will be in Istanbul on 14th February. Surprises were prepared. It may be very difficult to make Valentine's Day an unforgettable day, but in the right places, Valentine's Day can be very nice for you and your lover. We have written some suggestions for you to spend Valentine's Day unforgettable in Istanbul.

Galata Tower
There is nothing like going out to Galata Tower on Valentine's Day and watching the fascinating view of Istanbul lying under your feet accompanied by Turkish Salep or Coffee. The entrance is very cheap and you can take photos from the tower for hours and watch the unique Istanbul view. Of course, instead of just drinking coffee in the tower, you can surprise your lover by having a nice meal in the restaurant there.
Maiden's Tower
Maiden's Tower may be the right choice for a romantic evening in the middle of the sea. You can spend an evening alone and away from the density and noise of the city. Maiden’s Tower also prepares special programs for Valentine's Day every year.
Bosphorus Tour
The tour that starts at Kabataş Pier offers the opportunity to see the Bosphorus until the Black Sea. You can see the five palaces of Istanbul on the tour from the same point. The tour takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. On Valentine's Day, you can enjoy the unique view of the Bosphorus with your lover. The tour ends at Anatolia Junction, famous for its fish restaurants. From here, there are short nature walks from the village. So you can live Valentine's Day to the fullest with this tour.
There is nothing like a quiet, calm place on Valentine's Day. Kuzguncuk is the best example of this. Kuzguncuk will fascinate you with its nostalgic streets, cafes and Bosphorus views. If you pass from Eminönü to Üsküdar by ferry boat, both the taste of the ferry boat and the beauty of Kuzguncuk welcomes you when you get off the ferry boat.
Princes Islands Trip
One of the best places for Valentine's Day is the Princes Islands(Heybeli, Kınalı, Büyükada, Burgaz). If you like nature walks, you can take a bicycle tour on the Islands on February 14. You can also watch the unique views of the Islands and stroll through its streets. Of course, it is an hour by ferry boat.
What sets winehouses apart from restaurants is that you can have your meal with hundreds of wines. Viktor Levi Wine House will allow you to have a romantic day with wine at an affordable price. You can also taste various kinds of wine in Pano Wine House accompanied by delicious cheeses.
Luxury Fine-Dining Restaurants
Many restaurants offer special menus and campaigns for 14 February. You can have a nice dinner in one of these restaurants. Perhaps the most interesting of these is the Lacivert Restaurant. The restaurant, which has been serving since 1999, serves in a historical Bosphorus mansion. With its menus special to 14 February, the Lacivert Restaurant in Beykoz will have an unforgettable night with its Mediterranean Cuisine.
Sur Balık, Cihangir
If you are looking for place quality, scenery and delicious food in the place you go, you are at the right place. A place that makes you feel like you are right on the Bosphorus; Sur Balık Cihangir. Perhaps you have visited Sur Balık Cihangir, which you have visited at a business meeting before, or maybe when you introduce Istanbul to a friend from abroad, but this time the situation is different. You deserved an evening full of romance in Sur Balık.
Qubbe, Maslak Sheraton Hotel
For those who say that Valentine's Day is completed with live music, not silence; Qubbe is one of the best choices. If you want to propose to your lover at your table that you can prepare specially, the restaurant also helps him. It is also a haunt for those who are looking for a nice night. It is also a place we can recommend for having a nice meal outside of Valentine's Day.
İzoletta, Bahçeköy
Forest, fireplace, live music and great food… This is not a dream or a fairy tale. We are talking about reality. Izoletta Wine & Steak House is a place where you will find yourself in a calm place with its special menu and live music for Valentine 's Day and you will feel peaceful with the cracks coming from the fireplace while inhaling the forest atmosphere.
Aqua Restaurant, Beşiktaş
Aqua Restaurant is not a place you prefer to go on daily, but this beautiful restaurant within the Four Seasons Hotel is the best alternative you can choose on special occasions. It is a place that is completely elite and classic with a completely Bosphorus view. With its delicious menu and live music, it is perfect for those who want to have a very enjoyable Valentine’s day night.
Bridge Restaurant, Üsküdar
Bridge Restaurant is a place that should be preferred by those who want to look at Istanbul from the top, and those who want to experience the beauty of Istanbul in the best way. You will leave yourself to the dignity of the Bridge Restaurant, where it is noticeable that meats and appetizers will be remembered, that they will have a special night with their romantic ambiance and special menus.

Zarifi, Beyoglu
We brought you greetings from Greece. With its envelope, Greek music and delicious appetizers, it is like the keyword of having a nice Valentine's Day. If you are looking for a place where you can find the best examples of Turkish cuisine, feel at home and spend an intimate evening with your lover, Zarifi will be our most delicious suggestion.

360° Beyoglu

If you want to remember what it means to live in Istanbul, one of the most romantic cities in the world, 360 ° Istanbul is the place you are looking for. It is always nice to eat in a place where elegance competes and spend time with your lover.

The Galliard, Sariyer

Forget all the dishes you know, because we're gonna breathe in the Renaissance. The Galliard will be the best option for you if you want to have a little holiday with your lover and have only 3-4 hours for it. In addition to the tastes it offers from different cuisines, it aims to seduce minds with its menu.

Müzeyyen, Uskudar

We recommend a great alternative for those who say Valentine's Day does not always have to be gaudy. It is young, energetic and dynamic, yet sincere. You can have a pleasant time with your lover while Müzeyyen Senar's unforgettable songs are playing in the background.

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