Things To Do In Istanbul

Istanbul, which has hosted the biggest civilizations of the world, has made the word "All roads lead to Istanbul" in history, has been a "center of the world" for a long time, there are so many places to see. Exploring Istanbul is not likely to fit in a few days, approximately weeks or months. Tourist guides and places to visit are abundant for Istanbul, where every other history, another story emerges from under each stone you remove, every dig you hit. This article is like a modest answer to the question of who went through before us, what they left, what stories they left here. This city, where the civilizations that are opposite to each other, are fortress and always glorify, are still standing, even though they are fighting for survival today. It means Istanbul; sometimes the course of mimosa and sometimes the discovery of historical remains. Many places and things to do from natural, peaceful, historical places, from the Anatolian side to the European side are on this list. Embrace this adventure and important points with your lover, your spouse or your family. Let's explore it together.

1. Horn walls, Land Walls and Marmara Walls. Walk through the city walls.

Breathe a little in the locations where the Latins in 1204 and the Turks in 1453 entered the city. Find out the story of the curved gate of Cebe Ali, whose name is the only living gate of the Golden Horn walls, whose name returned to Cibali over time.

2. Learn the 7 hills of Istanbul. Browse the monumental structures on it.

In fact, the one built on 7 hills is not Istanbul, it’s Rome. While Constantine the Great moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Istanbul in 330, it adapted 7 hill legends like many institutions and structures, and the heights on the edge of the Golden Horn were declared as a hill. These hills are:
1. Sultanahmet Region
2. Nuruosmaniye-Çemberlitaş Region
3. Süleymaniye-Beyazıt Region
4. Fatih Mosque Region
5. Yavuz Selim Mosque Region
6. Edirnekapı Mihrimah Sultan Mosque Region
7. Kocamustafapaşa Region

3. Explore Mimar Sinan. Get the secret of the Mausoleum in Süleymaniye. Discover the beauty of small mosques.

The top view of the tomb is in the form of compasses, which is the symbol of architecture in the modern age. In the panorama of Merchior Lorics, it is possible to choose an indistinct compass above the imamah in the portrait, which is estimated to belong to Mimar Sinan.

4. Climb the roof of Istanbul; Aydos Hill.

Visit the Aydos Castle built by the Byzantines.

5. Go down to the basement from the roof of Istanbul. Explore the Underground Istanbul. Visit Binbirdirek and Basilica Cisterns.

Part of Dan Brown's novel The Hell is set in Istanbul. The most important place is the Basilica Cistern. You can see the Gorgon (Medusa) Head, which is depicted in detail at the end of the book.
Know that Istanbul underground is not limited to this. You can find a huge world under a carpet store. Under the Nakkaş Carpet store on Sultanahmet Nakilbent Street, there is the oldest art gallery on earth. You do not need permission to enter this cistern, dated as the 5th century.
A fairly newly discovered cistern and tunnel also came under the Nuruosmaniye Mosque. 420 trucks slime was removed from this cistern, which was noticed during the restoration of the mosque. The cistern, consisting of 12 rooms and 19 compartments, also forms the basis of the mosque. The well in this cistern has 1 drainage system and extends to Eminönü.

6. Eat Seafoods in Restaurants near the seaside, Adalar.

Spring and summer are ideal times for this.

7. Discover the "flavors" of Istanbul. There are still beautiful places around the corner on the shore.

Üç Yıldız, in Beyoğlu Fish Market. It has been in the same place since 1926 with its jam, sugar and Turkish delight.
Also in Tahtakale, the famous İtimat Şekercisi, with its round bounty candies, has been serving in the same place for years.
The famous Bebek Badem Ezmesi, which should be taken only by grain, not by weight, was opened in 1904.
Cafer Erol in Kadıköy is also another cult. They have been doing this business for 215 years since 1807.
Baylan in Kadıköy is also famous for Adisababa and Kup Griyye.

8. Take a trip between Bebek, Arnavutköy, Anadolu Hisarı, Kandilli.

You can visit all these regions with the ferry. An ideal route to relieve the tiredness of the week and take a breath of fresh air.

9. In this city, wonder about other religions, other places of worship and their interesting stories.

Visit the Tur-i Sina Church in Balat, which is protected by the hand of the Muhammad, and learn its story.

10. Must go to the Pierre Loti. It may be a good idea to take the rope railway on the way and on foot as you go down.

See the house where Loti stayed in Çemberlitaş and Necmettin Okyay's epitaph.

11. Eat fish bread as a fast food. Find out the reasons for the city's love with fish and bread.

Especially sure, try the pickle juice with it. Should try the hookah and seafood places under the bridge.

12. Ortaköy Mosque And Kumpir(Baked Potato)

The first thing that comes to mind when you say Istanbul is the landscape that includes Ortaköy Mosque and the Bosphorus Bridge. It will be very enjoyable to take your kumpir prepared with your favorite ingredients from the puppeteers lined up at the entrance of Ortaköy, to sit on the benches overlooking this view and to spoon your kumpir.
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