In 2020, 6 million Iranian tourists will visit Turkey

Farid Javaherzadeh, President of Iranian Scientific Ecotourism, came to the fair in Van. Farid Javaherzadeh: Turkey’s, said that the most important tourist center for Iran.

One of the favorite countries in the world with historical and natural beauties on holiday in Turkey. The number of Iranian tourists reached 5 million last year thanks to the friendship, agreements and favorable holiday opportunities between the two countries. Iranian tourists discovered Van city now. In 2020, the number of Iranian tourists in Turkey is expected to exceed 6 million. Hotel occupancy in many Turkish cities has increased due to Iranians choosing to visit Turkey. The eastern province of Van has proved most popular with hotel occupancy rates standing at close to 100% and the added shopping is a well-received lifeline for local shops and traders.

Why travel to Van?
Iran is very close to Van city. The city people, warmly welcomes Iranian people. In culinary terms, as some cities in Turkey became renowned for their kebap culture or other types of traditional local dishes, Van has distinguished itself with its breakfast culture. You can find all sorts of food in Van. Located near the Iranian border, Van is a tourist attraction for its natural wonders and historic monuments. Over the years, it has become a top destination for Iranian tourists, especially during the Iranian national holidays.

Rail travel from Iran to Van
Raja Railway Transportation Company representative Mehrdad Naseri, Tehran-Ankara started again and thanks voiced Tehran-Van trains will increase the number of tourists between Turkey and Iran. Naseri, said that next year, aiming to train 40 thousand passenger transport from Iran to Turkey.

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