Is Turkey Poor or Rich Country?

It actually includes numerous question marks. Is Turkey rich? Is it poor? Is its economy getting worse? Does the dollar keep going up? It is even a mystery for Turkish citizens who are living in Turkey. Yet, if we have a look at the subject with statistics, it is possible to say Turkey is both richer and poorer than the past meaning that the poor get poorer, rich gets richer.  You will understand what I mean through the statistics;
   YEAR     GDP
        2002-2005      5386$
        2006-2010     11548$
2017      9606$
2018    11409$
We see jumps which amazingly get double between 2006-2010 and this period is also the highest GDP rate in recent times. Turkey took an action in export and import, expanded its trade capacity so that grew fast. However, we also see wavings in the economy of Turkey last year. Contradictoriness at the currency, crisis happening around, and getting global problems such as the Corona Virus makes the international trade get slower can count as the main problems. On the other hand, the 2018 GDP rate might seem as equal as the 2006-2010 period but when we compare the lowest rate of both years, the minimum wage was 409 $ when we change the currency as dollar while 2018 was 330 $. The gap between both amounts are still in the country, just changes hands.
After watching the empty side of the glass, it is time to see the full side. Turkey is the 17th economy all over the world. Footnote; G20 countries rule %75 of the whole world trade. Being among the G20 countries means having a mighty economy by all means.
On the other hand, how do we identify rich or poor? If we classify the richness as fields, we see that Turkey is quite rich in tourism, history, cultural heritage, language, literature, agriculture...
According to survey made by World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Turkey keeps taking place in 6th position on the list of the most visited countries with 48 million tourists in a year and also possible to say you can arrange your holiday for all purposes because this spring country is consist of all climates, seasons, floras and amenities. You may book a place for rafting and fulfill with the nature at North, South for five stars hotel vacation, West for both, explore historical places throughout the country. Lovely country offers you everything, even more than you wish.

Additionally, climate is another effective point for human nature. No matter where you are from, a place will absolutely be suitable for you and your temperature. West and South have the Mediterranean climate, which is always high temperature in summers and rainy but not cold in winters. North is always rainy, even in most of the summer days. In the middle of Turkey, East and Southeastern regions have dry air meaning that hot in summers, cold in winters and mostly happening four seasons in all regions. That’s why each region has different tourism vessels.
Besides, what you see everywhere is history. From paleolithic age to 20th century, from first civilizations to the ruins of great empires on earth, from first inventions to the first meeting of two different civilizations – East and West -. Countless actions took place in here.  You may not finish the important historical places in Turkey, even in a month. In that way, The country is so precious and keeps being precious.
Another important wealthy point is to have sorts of mines. Together with taking out iron, chrome, copper, bauxite, marble, phosphate, meerschaum, sulfur, and boron (first producer in the world) at the highest level, many other mines are also found throughout the country.
At the same time, within the breakthrough in the industry, Turkey has almost gained its independence in defense industry and started to produce its own weapons, rifles, tanks, bullets, electronic devices, helicopters, rocket and more. Another breakthrough happened in the previous months by declaring the new electric vehicle coming in 2021. Constructing the biggest airport in Europe attracts all transmissions here so that every attempt brings a new breath to the country. Also, many worldwide brands such as Volkswagen and Fiat settled their factories in here, Alibaba invested in Turkish e-commerce company Trendyol. Briefly, Turkey brights with its geopolitical location, cheap labor, and lively economy.  
Maybe the economy is not stabilized and wavings are seen in this paradise nowadays. However, we couldn’t deny its potential, could we?      
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