Is it safe to buy property in Turkey 2020?

Especially after the recent developments as well as be getting profitable to buy a property in Turkey can say that it is quite secure. To give an example in order; since Coronavirus occurred, both economically and politically one of the most stringent precautions taken countries is Turkey. You would appreciate that we are also among the countries where the disease is late-coming and managed best. Turkey is known with taking the most stringent precautions from several months ago against natural disasters, wars and diseases.
Each property valued by time since the time you bought in Turkey. Thanks to a constant increase in the index of real estate investment you can buy properties or make investments in every part and investment area of Turkey.
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) announced by the Housing Price Index data for the December 2019 period. It can be observed by controlling the properties of the housing in Turkey quality-adjusted price change in order over time to monitor the effect of the calculated KF (2017 = 100), 118.75 in December 2019 was increased by 1.41 per cent over the previous month. Evaluating the housing price index developments of Turkey's three major cities, compared to the previous month December, in Istanbul 1.26 per cent, respectively, in Ankara and Izmir, 1.43 per cent and 1.59 per cent increase were observed. Index values increased by 3.70 per cent, 10.13 per cent and 10.26 per cent in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, respectively, compared to 2019.
You can also get three houses from Turkey to buy a house instead of European countries. Because Turkey provides TAX Exemption to foreigners who will invest in Turkey for the first time and you are going to buy a home even more cheaply from Turkish citizens. We are not only talking about the house, but you also have the right to buy any property such as land, field, hotel, hospital, barn. A property that priced with minimum 250,000 dollars give you the right to apply for citizenship and in addition to it, also gives you a temporary residence permit. Even your family can also have a residence permit because of yours and thanks to residence permit your children can receive education in private/state schools in Turkey. As a result, you can buy a house with its advantages through the legal structure without suffering any aggrievement.
In every property you buy, the government will provide assurance to it and this is the safest guarantee for the house or property you will buy. There are privileged legal rights provided by the state for you, under the favour of them you can live without aggrievement in Turkey, you can get citizenship, may establish companies, you can receive education, you can invest in every investment area of Turkey. Turkey, one of the rare countries who doesn’t aggrieve its own citizens and foreigners with the social rights provided them.
Turkey's security system is appreciated by all countries. We have a very secure network as Police, Gendarmerie, Army, Guard system and Cyber Security. TSK has been established to protect Turkey and every individual living in the Republic of Turkey from any external threats, according to recent data, which is 675 thousand active personnel is working within the TSK; It is one of the strongest armies in the world, consisting of 5 main components: Land Forces, Navy, Air Force, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard. Moreover, in order to assist the Law Enforcement Forces, the guardians in the neighborhoods and bazaars provide security 24/7.
State and private hospitals which are open 24/7, cutting-edge hospitals and hospital equipment are waiting for you to meet your every need. In Turkey, no matter whatever your illness or what the time is it, you may not be a concern as you can not find a hospital. We even have 24/7 hospitals for dental health or veterinary services. As well as private hospitals, the ones who resident 1 year in Turkey and foreigners who have received residence permit may apply to the General Health Insurance and can benefit from the health services provided by the state. The treatment expenses of the foreigner, other than chronic diseases, and whose he/she is responsible for are covered.
The government system of the state is superior to many countries. Turkey has a structure based on the principle of separation of powers. The principle of tripartite separation of force, consisting of "legislative", "executive" and "judicial" powers. In the country governed by the Republic regime, the President is the head of the State. As such he represents the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation's unity; the President observes the implementation of the Constitution and the regular and harmonious work of State bodies. Ministries, headed by the President of the Republic of Turkey and established that all ministers come together and take decisions.
The members of the Council of Ministers are as follows; President, Vice-Presidents, Minister of Justice, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of National Defense, Minister of National Education, Minister of Health, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Minister of Youth and Sports, Minister of Treasury and Finance, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Labor, Social Services and Family, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Minister of Industry and Technology, Minister of Trade. Council; The legislative mandate is the power to make laws, to amend laws and to repeal existing laws. According to the constitution, the legislative duty of the Republic of Turkey in Turkey belongs to Parliament. Based on this, the TGNA determines the laws of the country. According to the Constitution 108'nc Article, legislative power of the Turkish Nation on behalf of Turkey Grand National deputy general elections every five years, free, equal, single grade, according to the general ballot, under the overall management and supervision of the judicial organs.
As you can see the whole system works like clockwork in Turkey, and not even stops for a day. So Turkey's education, health, security, economic, administrative and justice system is carried out quite successfully. Turkey does not distinguish between their own citizens and citizens of other countries and provides conveniences on investment and citizenship processes. With all these sources, it’s clear that buying a home or any property in Turkey is safe at anytime.
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