Can I use Turkish coffee in a French Press?

Can I use Turkish coffee in a French Press?

Turkish coffee is normally made in a steel coffee pot or a cupric coffee pot with its known use. If you want to use French Press, then you need to grind the Turkish coffee beans with the fineness way to be used in French Press and it is recommended to put 2 teaspoons of coffee for a Turkish coffee cup of water, as making in the coffee pot. Let's examine the known use of French Press, which we mostly use for filter coffee.

How to Prepare French Press Coffee? How should it be brewed?

Coffee brewing method with French Press, the term that commonly used in Turkey, the most preferred method of coffee tasters. The fact that the coffee is prepared by brewing, provides the time required to enjoy the aromas in the beans. However, there are important points to be aware of in order to prepare your coffee correctly with French Press.
Coffee Beans must have been ground in the most fineness way with French Press. The first thing to note is that the coffee beans you will use are just ground for French Press. If you specifically indicate this when buying your coffee, the seller will give you the appropriate coffee. Coffee that ground for French Press is medium or thick shots. Coffees ground for espresso or Turkish coffee are fine shots, and using this method will cause the filters to clog and overpressurize the piston not to press down comfortably, nor will it give the correct taste.
Using the right-sized ground coffee will ensure that the coffee does not mix with the drink and will give it a full, flavoured and pleasant taste. You can use most of ground coffee for Filter Coffee Machines and French Presses. The best-known use of Turkish coffee is with a coffee pot. Turkish coffee technology is changing every moment. You can either buy a coffee pot or buy Turkish coffee machines sold in technological markets and prepare your Turkish coffee with a single click. Now we will tell you how to make Turkish coffee in a coffee pot.

What is required to make Turkish coffee?

Before you can prepare a good Turkish coffee, your coffee must be fresh. Turkish coffee that you will make with an old coffee leaves a sour taste in your mouth. So make sure your coffee is fresh. The simplest way to preserve the freshness of coffee is to buy it in small amounts and buy a new one as it consumes.
Your second need is a Turkish coffee set. Coffee pot and a Turkish coffee cup. The copper coffeepot allows you to get the best taste from the coffee. You can also make good coffee in steel coffeepots, but the best coffees always made with a copper coffeepot.
Coming to water and sugar; The most important point to consider about water is that it should be drinking water. It is also known that water should be cold in general, but room temperature is a sufficient measure for this coldness. And you can add sugar on your demand. You can adjust the amount of sugar to your taste, but a teaspoon of sugar is always recommended for 1 cup.

How to make a Turkish coffee?

We explained step by step for those who have questions about how to make a Turkish coffee in their minds. We are making Turkish coffee step by step with you.
First, we put coffee according to the number we will make in our coffee pot. Let's make two. We add two teaspoons of coffee to our coffee pot. Then we add two cups of water with room temperature to the pot. We determine how much sugar we will put last. If we make it bitter, we do not put sugar in it, if we make less sugar, we add 1 teaspoon, if we make medium, we add 2 teaspoons, if we want it sweet, we add 4 teaspoons. We mix it lightly and let the coffee mix completely into the water.
Now the coffee is ready to cook. We turn the bottom of the stove a little less in the middle. If we cook the coffee very quickly, we lose the foam. When the coffee cooked slowly, it will foam and start to swell, we take some foam into the cup and immediately put the coffee pot on the stove. This was the first foam we did. We take the second foam by boiling the coffee lightly. Boil the remaining coffee in the coffee pot once again and then share it in the cups.
If you have a Turkish coffee machine in your home, you can also use it, but it may not be as delicious as Turkish coffee prepared by cooking slowly in the copper coffeepot. We also put a glass of water next to it, but it will not be served without a treat. In our traditions, a treat is always placed next to the coffee. Your Turkish coffee will be amazing with Turkish delight or chocolate. Bon Appetit!
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