Buying Real Estate In Turkey

Opportunities of Buying Property in Turkey
Buying real estate in Turkey that will allow people to 1-year short-term residence permit.
This permit will be renewed every year unless the real estate is sold, and the relevant persons will be able to gain permanent residence with an 8-year extension period.
In addition, if the price of the purchased real estate exceeds $ 250,000, you may be eligible for ownership of citizenship and In addition, the purchased property can be an apartment, villa or office.
No second hand
Taken with foreign currency brought from abroad and the relevant real estate is not sold for at least one year. Foreign national citizens can also benefit from VAT exemption if they meet such conditions.
Property Sales to Foreigners
Officials mentioned above that may determine to acquire real estate in Turkey or on the property will be able to include limited rights. In addition, no residence condition related to the properties purchased by foreigners is required. Of course there are some restrictions here;
The size of real estate owned by a foreigner cannot exceed 30 hectares.
Similarly, the total of the real estate purchased by foreigners in a district; It will not exceed 10% of the areas subject to private ownership in the district.
Citizens of foreign countries will not be able to buy real estate in military forbidden zones, military security zones and strategic areas.
Which country does not have a clear list of citizens that has permission to acquire real estate in Turkey.
However, it should be noted that citizens of many Arab countries have the right to purchase real estate.
Although foreign people can purchase lands and plots (with no structures on them), they have to develop a project within 2 years and submit it to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for their immovable properties. Otherwise, they will lose their property rights.
People born as Turkish citizens but lost Turkish citizenship with the permission to leave are not subject to the above restrictions. Therefore, expatriates who have left their Turkish citizenship and have become citizens of the countries they emigrated will not be subject to the limitations in this article.
Home Selling Procedure for Foreigners
Foreigners who will purchase real estate must apply to the Land Registry Office in the region where the real estate is located, with the following documents:
Document of Title Deed
Identity document or passport (It is also useful to bring a notarized translation of the passport through a sworn translator),
"Real Estate Declaration Value Certificate" obtained from the municipality
Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings,
1 photo of the seller, 2 photos of the buyer (if possible, should be taken within the last 6 months and be 6 × 4 cm in size)
If one of the parties does not speak Turkish, sworn translator,
If there is a proxy, a power of attorney (if the power of attorney is issued by foreign country authorities, an apostille and notarized translation is also required)
Of course, in addition to all these, the land registry office may request other information and documents. In order not to waste time in the face of such differences in practice, it will be useful to get information from the relevant land registry office. In applications made to the land registry, it will be checked firstly whether the relevant real estate is in military forbidden zones, military security zones or strategic zones. In order to complete the transfer transactions, people who purchase real estate will also pay title deed fees and revolving funds. If the application to the land registry is rejected, an appeal may be filed with the Land Registry Regional Directorate.
At this point, you can contact our Vartur Whatsapp Line for more information about the procedure of buying properties in Turkey.
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