Validebağ Mansions

About DAP Validebag Konaklari 

Close to the Bosphorus and the Maiden’s Tower and adjacent to the bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, Validebag Mansions adds value to the region with its low-rise architecture. There are different types of mansions in Validebag Mansions, from studio apartments to 6-bedroom apartments. 

Validebag is the address of tranquility with its lush green texture, unique atmosphere, and distinguished residents, which is identified with the grove that it takes its name from. You wake up to the unique scent of linden and pine trees in this decent neighborhood, where neighborly relations can be maintained warmly. 

The natural flora of Istanbul, Validebag Grove, which is in the city center, is located right across the distinguished address of the project. The 354,000 sqm grove is the most important recreation area in the region. Validebag Grove, which hosts hundreds of bird species, some of which are migrants, and different creatures from butterfly to squirrel, enriches the lives of the distinguished owners of Validebag Mansions with its natural beauties.

A unique garden mansion life begins with its ’elite life’ qualities, nature, peace, comfort, and serenity. In the mansions with large gardens adjacent to Validebag Grove and Adile Sultan Pavilion, happy moments in touch with nature await you with your family. 


Social Facilities 

Children’s playground 


Fitness center 

Sea view 

Bosphorus view 

Indoor parking lot 

Landscaped areas 


Technology at DAP Validebag Konaklari 

Built-in kitchen appliances 


Double-glazing windows


Heat and sound insulation

Satellite system 


Water tank


Security at DAP Validebag Konaklari 

24/7 security service

CCTV surveillance system 

Professional security personnel

Fire alarm 



1 min away from Validebag Groove

2 mins away from the metro station 

2 mins away from Uskudar State Hospital 

3 mins away from E-5 Highway 

3 mins away from Yeditepe University Hospital 

3 mins away from Medipol Hospital 

5 mins away from Bosphorus Bridge 

8 mins away from Emaar Square Mall 

10 mins away from Kadikoy 

10 mins away from Uskudar Coast 

15 mins away from FSM Bridge 

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