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Nisantasi that is famous for high-end brands such as Burberry and Chanel, fancy barista coffee shops, restaurants and amusement centers is one of the most attractive hubs in the city. The town, which is a part of the sub-city named Sisli, is situated between Osmanbey and Besiktas. 

Besides stores, shops and venues, Nisantasi is also known as the land of elite living style. Bumping into any celebrity and rooted people who have lived in Istanbul for hundreds of years, from generation to generation, is quite ordinary in this lovely region. With all these aspects, Nisantasi is identified as one of the most energetic fashion, shopping, and living centers in Istanbul. Thanks to being a rooted town since the late Ottoman era, Nisantasi real estate offers upscale rental income same as Levent, Bebek and Cihangir.       

Nisantasi Real Estate

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Nisantasi 

Nisantasi properties located within walking distance to Taksim and Besiktas generally consist of lowrise buildings in accordance with the texture of the town. Besides including newly restored structures, projects raised recently have been much more possible as well. At the heart of fashion, high profile living style, top quality shopping and amusement center, Nisantasi introduces Bosphorus and lovely park view spacious and high ceiling apartments.

the Texture of Nisantasi

The name of Nisantasi is the combination of the term ‘’nisan’’ meaning sign and the word ‘’tas’’ meaning stone. So, Nisantasi is based on sign stones erected in the Ottoman era. These stones, which are set up for calculating and clarifying the distance, are found at the courtyard of Tesvikiye Mosque and on the road of Nisantasi-Ihlamur. What’s more, Nisantasi turned into a settlement in the 1850s and the population of it had increased highly that makes Nisantasi one of the most rooted towns in the city besides Beyoglu and Fatih. The reason why the Sultan moved to Dolmabahce Palace permanently, High-end officers and noble people started to settle in Nisantasi.        


In the town that earned a reputation with its mansions in the 1860s and 1870s, the number of residential buildings jumped up quite high in the 1920s. Despite having been the fastest urbanized location, Nisantasi kept and still maintaining to have belonged to the upper-class atmosphere. Along with it, due to being a fashion-centric region in Istanbul, confection and manufacturing plants started to raise around the town and Nisantasi has increased its popularity thanks to newly-opened venues, worldwide brands and amusement centers. Nowadays, the region is featured with luxuriousness and wealthiness in addition to being one of the most attractive towns for shopping, fashion, and entertainment 

Nature in Nisantasi

The town hosts the biggest park named ‘’Macka Park’’ in the city center. The park is known for people living in Istanbul because of that it is a suitable green place and reachable from anywhere in the city. That’s why it is possible to see each age, numerous different groups of people, different types of activities, kinds of music, styles together, and festivals held by the municipality in public holidays. You can witness people who play an instrument, do sports, wander their pets, dance, and more.  

Transportation in Nisantasi

Due to being a well-known region, the proximity to important towns, and located at the heart of the city, accessibility to the town becomes much more eligible in many ways. Together with plenty of important towns and venues from business life to cultural and amusement center within walking distance, you can use the subway line to travel between Sariyer and Fatih passing through Levent, Yenikapi, Mecidiyekoy, Taksim, Maslak and more. On the other hand, bus transportation provides you with easy access to anywhere in the city without transferring another transportation link. When you decide to live here, you are going to see that there is no need for transportation services frequently.

Stylish Luxury Nisantasi Apartments Close to Historical Peninsula in Sisli
  • Stylish Luxury Nisantasi Apartments Close to Historical Peninsula in Sisli
  • 2 Bedroom1 Bathroom130 sq.m
  • The Ritz-Carlton Residences, İstanbul offer curated living spaces with exquisitely crafted interiors and unparalleled service for a discerning global audience.

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  • € 663,000 Mar 21, 2021
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