Why invest in real estate in Bomonti Istanbul?

Bomonti is found in Sisli, Istanbul. So, we need to have a look at Sisli to make a better appointment. Sisli was one of the industrial areas found at the center of Istanbul approximately 15 years ago. However, the atmosphere in the town has changed and gained a different appearance hosting numerous luxury real estate projects nowadays. The town, which is walking distance to important tourist and business centers such as Mecidiyekoy and Taksim, has turned its industrial idea into one of the most luxurious towns due to being found the most known projects, especially the last years. 

Within the transformation of old buildings and factories found in Bomonti which is known for a century past, Sisli becomes the first choice for people who want to invest in real estate. The price of real estate jumps up at a high rate because of the quick rise of the region which draws attention not only real estate but also commercially. Sisli also starts to become a luxury and entertaining center at the same time. So, Let’s check the advantages of the town for people who want to invest in the location.

The Proximity to Business Centers         

The place offers a new life by reducing the time that past between home and work with projects, found in Sisli that featured with the proximity to business centers. 

The Proximity to Transportation Links

You can take more time to yourself thanks to reducing the time that past in the transportation links to minimum. Just within walking distance to important towns such as Taksim and Mecidiyekoy and also there are numerous central transportation links such as Metrobus, metro, bus, and minibus to every direction in the city, even the Asian side in Istanbul. 

 The Unique Peninsula and The Bosphorus View 

The historical peninsula and the Bosphorus view which are clearly seen especially from the town of Bomonti enable you to love Istanbul one more time. When you want to be out of the crowded in Istanbul, get relax with the breathtaking view of the city from your balcony.

High Rental Income

Because of becoming a more central location in the city, real estate investments and the regional transformation cause an increase at the rental rates of houses every year. If you want to buy a house for investment instead of living in it, Sisli will be exactly suitable for you, especially Bomonti. 

One of The Most Amusement Center  

The region is a place that you can find plenty of culture and art activities. Here is absolutely for people who want to unite completely with the texture of the town in their living space. With entertaining places, Bomonti offers you to spend a good time with your family and friends. 

If you are a person who wants to buy a real estate at Bomonti, which gets one of the valuest towns in the European Peninsula, the place awaits you by all means. Your living style is going to turn into five stars hotel standards.      

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