Property for Sale in Sile

Welcome to one of the ideal places for spending your lovely summer in close town to the city center. The population of Sile is around 10.000 people. However, the population jumps up more than 100.000 people including local settlers, daily tourists for weekends, and people who prefer to do long vacations through summer times. That’s why Sile real estate draws an increasing linear for capital appreciation in time. With its unique nature, long coast way and clean sea, the town appeals to people who either don’t want to travel far away from living places or have limited time for a vacation. In parallel with it, Sile offers a great rental income in summers besides enjoying on your own. 
Sile Real Estate

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Sile

Sile properties consist of mostly detached and semi-detached villas including a swimming pool and spacious square meters. As you can have a villa with sea and forest view villa next to the shores of the town, you can enjoy spending time on cafes and restaurants in a day. In Sile where the place is suitable for family living style, you are going to be situated at the heart of peace surrounded by all amenities in nature. The proximity to the city center takes less than an hour so that Sile creates moveable options as if you can benefits from the city’s and the town’s amenities at the same time. Villa types range as a duplex, triplex, and fourplex with different sizes as well.   


the Texture of Sile

Sile is a charming town located on the Black Sea of the Asian side in the city and people who live in Istanbul generally prefer to go to the place for vacation. Due to being the 60-kilometer distance to Istanbul, Sile is one of the most sought after places for people who either have summerhouse or visit the place for weekends thanks to the proximity to the cosmopolitan city. With its long and fascinating coast way and green nature spreading throughout the town, Sile is identified as an ideal place for resting and swimming out of the city noise. Not only the center, coasts, and forests but also the place is the apple of people’s eye with its surrounding villages. Akcakese, Kabanoz, and Agva are the regions which are worth to visit as well.


Nature in Sile

Green areas in this place consist of vast forest spreading throughout Sile instead of parks and designated green areas. That’s why Sile can be seen as one of the greenest in the city. On this issue, being far from the city center and located at the edge of the Asian side make the town unique location for camping, resting, swimming, and refreshing mentally and physically. The Green area becomes a part of your life in here more than a view only. Besides, Sile provides you to experience the 60-kilometer joy of tons of excessive blue and spotless sandy beaches.  


Transportation in Sile

To reach the town where the place is found at 70 kilometers away to the city center, bus transportation that takes off from Uskudar per hour is available. In summer, the time of taking off can be more frequent due to being a tourist place for vacation. On the other hand, you can reach the place from Umraniye-Sile Highway less than an hour in your own car.

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