Villa for sale in Sariyer - Istanbul

Let’s imagine that you are a person who holds a great amount of cash to invest in real estate. You made research all over the world, contacted your trustable sources, and finally decided to make investment in Istanbul where 20 million people live and host to mega projects. As one of the most constantly developing cities worldwide, the type of investment varies from town to town so that what kind of investment you are willing to make is essentially important. On the other hand, Sariyer includes numerous ways of profit in terms of [property_type], lined next to striking Bosphorus and the Black Sea and unique forest named Belgrad Forest, the biggest surface area covered with tons of green in the European side of the cosmopolitan city. If you ask yourself ‘’where can I find the best [property_type]s in Istanbul?’’, It is an indisputable fact that Sariyer will be one of the most profitable regions for your ideal investment. As you can find [property_type] for sale on the Bosphorus where the place gives you a stunning visual feast in addition to the easy access for both sides of Istanbul, Sariyer offers [property_type] for sale shinning with the proximity to Istanbul International Airport in minutes and forest in approach.

Besides locational amenities, Sariyer properties can be diversified as high-rise [property_type], modernly-designed [property_type] fully equipped with smart home systems, vintage [property_type] restored but still includes the high value of handwork throughout the property, meaning that Sariyer is such a region covered with sorts of [property_type] for sale due to being at the center of business and finance as well as entertainment and natural beauties of Istanbul.

On the investment issue, when we analyze the value of 100 square meter apartment in Sariyer, we encounter that Sariyer real estate has increased its capital appreciation nearly %50 in last 5 years, %30 for last 3 years, even %2,5 in last month so that its capital appreciation chart rapidly bounces up, even faster than Istanbul in total. In the region that has reached a high level of popularity, it is possible to get satisfying rental income besides sales income. In this way, [property_type] for sale in Sariyer amortizes itself in 22 years, which is quite an ideal period for real estate investment. In fact, it can be counted as a profitable investment when considered the world average. That’s why Sariyer introduces full of amenities for either living in world-class standards or luscious investment.

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