Property for Sale in Spine Tower



The building is oval and covered with full of glasses. You are witnessing the second tallest building in Turkey. You may say ‘’the castle’’ in here because C80 concrete technology was used in the building, the same material used in NATO bases, it is the best technology in its class made by Oyak Beton. You can construct three skyscrapers with the materials used in its construction. The building is such strong to stay on foot over the 9.0 earthquake. We can say that, Istanbul is destroyed, here is not. Here is also the combination of both commercial areas and luxury apartments. Hosting the center of worldwide and Turkish companies, Alibaba and Trendyol with 2000 employees run their businesses in this tower. Here are the commercial parts, when we talk about the living part, high-end CEOs, Chairmen, and Turkish famous people will be your next neighbors. Be honest, will be only one neighbor next to you because more than half the floor will be yours! As you see, the design of the skyscraper seems like the spine of human, there is where its name comes.




When you first enter the building high ceiling entrance and charming reception meet you. Security is a high level here so access with a card is a must. On the other hand, a VIP entrance is available High profile administration stands here.




ıt’s like a space ship launching moment, Just in seconds, Now we are on floor 44. Amazing hardwood wall design with smoothy lightening meet you! There is a huge door of the apartment with a sharpening design and length, hardwood quality still shows itself. A better explanation of why Nzonzi, Tottenham midfield, and Adriano, Barcelona left-back to stay here before.




Right after the door opening with a card system, there are two parking areas at P1 for you also two more one floor down. You can fill these places with your recent model car collection you can arrive at your apartment directly from the parking area with a VIP Lift that needs one of high technology security such as eye or footprints scanning, card or more. These lifts are just for residents, commercial areas can not be allowed to use them.

Why This Property?
  • Completely amazing apartment
  • Amazing location 
  • Amazing amenities 
  • Amazing design
  • Tough structure
  • High profile administration
  • Close to historical peninsula
  • Highly affluent customer base and more. 
  • Amazing price also, just 8.000.000 $!
  • Quite a bargain
  • Quite cheap. 
  • You won’t buy only a flat, also buy prestigious with it.
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