Property for Sale in Dragos

Right across the Princess Islands, Dragos real estate brights with upscale living style, lined with the gorgeous size villas. Location amenities raised around the region such as universities, hospitals and famous seaside within walking distance, not only does the area relate to peaceful life and nature but also refers to profitable rental and sales incomes. Your daily needs are going to be a step away in priceless Dragos homes.  
Dragos real estate

Moreover, in Dragos where villas are mostly located, you can find peace in nature and live on the fat of the land. In Dragos, family-friendly living style is common so that your family living style is supported by environmental impacts. That’s why the region appeals to people who are willing to live spacious and huge properties, which give them full privacy with their spouse and children.   


Apartments and Villas for Sale in Dragos 

Nearby the seaside, Dragos properties generally consist of villa type spacious and high ceiling living style including swimming pool, private garage, and multiple rooms against stunning sea and island views. Together with recently constructed dwellings, modernly-designed Dragos villas are fully equipped with a smart home system and authentic interior design aims to comfort you by all means. Property sizes differ from bedroom to the number of floors meaning that duplex, triplex, fourplex buildings and more can be easily found as you can find 6-bedroom island and sea view villas with a little research. In Dragos, it is possible to find a property for each taste.    


the Texture of Dragos

Dragos is found in Kartal where the town is so close to the border of Kocaeli, counted as the edge of the Asian side. Despite being away from the city center, Kartal is a unique place including different amenities than the other towns. You probably say ‘’What kind of advantages can it be? The town is away from the center and also at the Anatolian side of the city’’. If Dragos were a place like this, why would people call here as ‘’Dragos’’? 

According to the legend from the Roman Empire, a dragon was protecting its treasure at the Dragos Hill. Being identified here as a hill could be the right term because most of Dragos is located on a hill covered with forest. 

In this dreamy piece of land, the town makes you feel as if you are living in an isolated place from the city. Sunny days, a nice view, peaceful nature are the elements of these feelings. There is a great restaurant awaiting you with the island view near the sea. It must be a precious thing to watch the sunset in the town. 

Additionally, there are two prestigious hospitals whose names are Vefa and Vakif Gureba Hospitals located around the hill. Due to being a university hospital, Vakif Gureba attracts many students who study in medicine. That’s why student culture is also highly common in this place. Kartal Dragos promises a peaceful and isolated town to people who are willing to be out of the noise and live like an island people on the land. The town offers you a living style more than life!


Nature in Dragos  

The town was the old high society place where famous football players and celebrities owned a property. so that there is proper design, generally consists of types of a villa in the town. 

Besides, Dragos is one of the most beautiful and green towns in the city. You can see palm trees throughout the town. Due to being exactly across the Princes’ Islands, especially Buyukada Island, the town offers you the best island view from the hill, in the middle of nature. The town seems like the land version of the islands because of its flora and the ambiance. On the other hand, due to being a hill, local people identify here metaphorically as the 5th island.


Transportation in Dragos

Transportation in Dragos is supported by bus and minibus. Although there is a limited transportation network in the region, you can reach popular places such as Kadikoy where the place is the most sought-after area on the Asian side less than 20 minutes. Being located near the seaside turns your travel into an enjoyable journey all the time. 

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