Cer Istanbul

Do I need to say ’’Welcome to the oldtown!’’? Because everyone has come here at least one time in his/her life. Istanbul is the 8th city visited worldwide and here is the first in the city. Many cultures ruled on it while others looking with jealousy. Ideas came up, changed, disappeared; legendary leaders were born, lived, died having left some beautiful words behind them. Poems were written, hosted to songs. Legendaries crept through the streets. Its all past has reached now with its numerous architecture, the mixture of religious area, historical places and more. The spirit of the past still lives here. You are not a stranger in it because here is everyone’s town. So say we all ’’Welcome to the cradle of civilization’’      

About Cer Istanbul
The chance to live in such a place comes once in life!
76 residence apartments
36 historic loft residences
60 suites hotel

What makes this project unique is its ability to present high living standards along with its historic fabric. The opportunity to live with the view of unique islands rising over the walls of the Historic Peninsula, full of traces of empires.

Cer Istanbul with its central location where you can easily reach every point of Istanbul; a rich transportation network with sea, highway or public transportation alternatives; It is located at the center of life with its educational institutions, hospitals and shopping malls in its close vicinity.

In the midst of the future and the past.
The centuries-old walls within the thousands of years old walls were restored. Historical places have been turned into living and living places again.
Sea view in 112 very special units from 1 + 1 to 6 + 1 that can meet different needs as if it is a room of your home.

Social Facilities
*1000 sqm vast area including;
*Traditional Turkish bath
*Steam room
*Indoor swimming pool with daylight
*Lounge access
*Cleaning services
*Access to the spa

Sizes and Prices of Apartments
1+1                    72sqm-103sqm 1.950.000 ₺ 3.280.000 ₺
2+1 1                 30sqm-130sqm 3.520.000 ₺ 3.680.000 ₺
2,5+1                 144sqm-163sqm 4.000.000 ₺ 5.050.000 ₺
3+1                    177sqm-244sqm 4.950.000 ₺ 7.480.000 ₺
3,5+1                 236sqm-270sqm 6.595.000 ₺ 8.185.000 ₺
4+1                    244sqm-319sqm 7.050.000 ₺ 9.820.000 ₺
4+1                    Dublex 270sqm 275sqm 7.470.000 ₺ 9.830.000 ₺
6+1                    Dublex 348,6sqm 10.610.000 ₺

Special Prices: Flexible Payment Plans
Minimum 40% Downpayment
Maximum 36 months Installment

8 Min away to Kazlıçeşme Marmaray (on foot)
1 Min away to Yenikapı (The heart of every transportation instrument)
2 Min away to Kumkapı
5 Min to Sultanahmet
15 Min away to Eminonu 
15 Min away to Karaköy
15 Min away to Taksim
25 Min away to high profile towns such as Nisantasi, Levent, Sisli 
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