Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar –constructed by Mehmet the Conquerer- is a historical shopping square, lined with jugs and domes on the top and stores on the ground. The core of this huge area -called ‘’Çarşu-yı Kebir’’ in historical times- is taken place from two parts. ‘’Cevahir’’ was given to the first part constructed in 1460 and Fatih the Conquerer was responsible for raising money from this part to Hagia Sophia. Then, here became a center of trade by expanding inside with multiple shops by the Sultan. 
About Grand Bazaar
It seems like a labyrinth and found approximately 60 streets and 3600 shops, spreading over 30.700 square meters in total and counted as the first shopping mall in the world. Throughout its ancient history and architectural beauty, the place is taken on the list of world heritage by Unesco. Grand Bazaar is an attractive place for both commercial and tourism, including antiques, bead, carpet, phone, goldsmith, coppersmith, wrecker, jewelry, gun, candy and dessert shops such as lokum and baklava, eatery places and more inside. Streets were mostly given a name through the profession of shops. Besides stores, it is possible to see some institutions such as hospitals, police stations, branch banks and post office among them. A private security organization is an original symbol of the bazaar. Unfortunately, there is no elevator to protect its ambiance but don’t worry WC is found around the mall  
Definite Destinations in It
 Grand Bazaar is a proper building whereas it seems as if it is complicated. Between the streets of Aga and Aynacılar, Colorful spots of exchange offices and gold shops draw attention. When you go straight a head-on Kuyumcular Street, you witness to Zincirli Han, known as the factory of ornaments. There are small shops of handicrafts and artistic ornaments in this fascinating Cevahir. Especially towards moving on the end of Zenneciler Street, you may face with the view of magnificent calligraphers and antique shops. Don’t forget taking a shot with your camera.  
Working Days
Hosting many local and foreign tourists, Grand Bazaar manages to remain its importance with historical texture. Still successful by influencing visitors with hand made crafts and charming owners. It opens every day from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm, except for Sunday.  
Due to its location and history, Grand Bazaar is located at one of the most important centers in Istanbul. You may go to the bazaar with Marmaray, train, metro, and bus. As you see, all transportation links are available to reach the destination in a small change at the time. You may go with Marmaray, getting off Yenikapı station and you will reach the destination in 23 minutes on foot or getting on the bus -number 97 and 92B- from Yenikapı, which is only 17 minutes away to Grand Bazaar. If you are close to Kabataş where the location is around Beyoglu and Besiktas, you can catch a bus –number 28- 28 minutes away. On the other hand, if you choose the metro, Vezneciler is the closest station to reach the bazaar 10 minutes away on foot. However, going to the destination to Beyazıt station by train will be the easiest way and just 5 minutes away on foot from the station.  
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