Property for sale in Mika Naturalist

About Mika Naturalist 

Mika Naturalist has been designed as a residential space where people can feel safe and comfortable, and even the most seemingly insignificant needs can be fulfilled by combining its considerable expertise and professional enthusiasm with superior architectural standards utilized in developed countries.

Moreover, Mika Naturalist aims to take advantage of advanced technologies to build world-class, environmentally-friendly residential spaces, where people would feel enthusiastic to live in 1+1, 2+1, 2+1 duplex and 3+1 bedroom apartments.

On the other hand, Naturalist is a project which is extremely fortunate in terms of its location. Furthermore, the plan to keep the construction low-rise, the view of nature which will remain unobstructed and being able to stare at stars in the sky at night are aspects which will ensure that you maintain a peaceful lifestyle.

The facades have been designed with asymmetrical bow windows, giving a unique image to the building complex. These technical solutions assure natural lights, high comfort and energy savings. In addition to it, due to the distinctive triangular-shaped bow windows oriented toward the valley, the privacy of inhabitants is guaranteed from the sight of the surrounding neighborhoods.

The meticulous selection of the materials such as the beige stone and wood has been guided by the ultimate aim of blending the buildings into the beautiful natural landscape surrounding the complex, in order to create perfect harmony with the environment.              






Why Buy This Property?

*LEED Certificate in Naturalist

*Low-rise Settlement

*Next to Nature

*Energy Savings

*Modern Architectural Approach






Social Facilities 

Closed Parking Area

Electric Charge Unit

Indoor Swimming Pool



Children Playground


Meeting Room/Party Room






Technology at Mika Naturalist 

*Smart home systems


*Central satellite system

*Sound and Thermal Insulation








Security at Mika Naturalist

*Earthquake and fire security at international standards

*24/7 security service

*24 hours closed-circuit security cameras

*Intercom System

*Site Management








3 mins away to  Okyanus College

15 mins away to Istanbul International Airport

18 mins away to Sariyer

19 mins away to  Uniq Istanbul & Volkswagen Arena

20 mins away to Maslak

20 mins away to Istanbul Technical University

22 mins away to Sisli 

25 mins away to Emirgan

28 mins away to  Besiktas

30 mins away to  Taksim & Beyoglu  

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