Exclusive Villa and Stonehouse in 39.000 Sqm Land for sale in Peaceful Polonezkoy, Beykoz

$ 5,500,000
  • 8 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms1300 sq.m
8 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
Square Meter
1300 sq.m
Property Type
Nature view house inside the middle of the forest closed to Istanbul center. 39.000 m2 Land



This land is located in İstanbul’s Polonezköy National Park - one of İstanbul’s rarest and most valuable green areas and consists of two different plots connected to each other. This specific land is also the biggest of its kind in Polonezköy in terms of the size. Polonezköy is an area of historical value, and always considered a niche spot for many.

Nowadays it continues to protect it’s popularity and also faces an increasing demand from locals all over İstanbul. Polonezköy has located respectively 18 km to Bosphorus Bridge, 9 km to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and 14 km to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The land also located 41 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 45 km to the İstanbul International Airport.

Within the land, there is a 700 m2 luxurious triplex villa and a pool beside, as well as 100 m2 luxurious stone house and 500 m2 commercial use building situated. Addition to these a nearby 200 m deep drinkable artesian water well also exists.

The land is covered with pinewoods, oak trees, as well as various fruit trees. Besides the areas populated with trees, there are open areas with low greens allowing helicopters to land.

If the land will be developed commercially, following establishments will fit well with the already existing nature and trends: Hospital, University, Rehab Center, Nursing Home, Beauty Center, Wellness Spa, Hotel, Equestrian Center and so on.


About Villa

The entrance of the mansion; the left side of the entrance has 500 meters length after the zoo and the finished road. And the right side of the mansion entrance is going inside of the village of Polonezköy. The same with the other side, 500 meters. Polonezköy is around 40 parcels with all the hotels, private villages. You can go to the centre of Polonezköy from the mansion and it just takes 20 minutes. The size of the land is about 39.000 square meters. But the whole of the land is more than 100.000 square meters, and the rest of the 60.000 square meters belong to the owner of the land. The 39.000 square meters area will be yours!


The land is covered with stone borders for privacy and safety. Entering from the gated entrance, firstly you will see the barn. The size of the barn is 500 square meters. It can be used for a restaurant, lobby, spa centre, boutique hotel or just for animal breeding.


The barn consists of 4 bathrooms and 500 square meters of interior area. You will see beautiful small ponds over the land and frogs, fishes are inside of it. On the empty areas, you can put some Tiny houses for hospitality or Airbnb.


You can check our video about the Tiny Houses in Istanbul

When you getting out of the barn, you will smell the fresh iodine of the Black Sea, Bosphorus, and the Forest. Secondly, you will see the private mansion and private swimming pool of it. You will have the opportunity of renting and buying a helicopter. Because there is a heliport area for the owner. The size of the swimming pool is 9 meters in width and 12 meters in length. The mansion designed with a demi-classic style. Entering the mansion, underfloor heating and Indian style marbles are welcoming you. The triplex mansion consists of 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 basement, and 1 private swimming pool. The size of the mansion is about 700 square meters area. On the first floor that you will enter, the living room, dining room, guest bathroom, patio and kitchen will welcome you. 6 metered fascinating chandeliers filled over the house. On the upper floor, there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with dressing rooms and the amazing views from windows will comfort you at your sleep. On the lower floor, there is 1 living room which is a hobby room right now and a room that used for the dressing room but you can renovate them to what shape you want. You can reach the swimming pool directly from this floor because there is an entrance from the kitchen. On the basement floor, you will see the maid's room, a bathroom, and a DVD room. You can relieve yourself and your loved ones with the pleasure of the Spa, Sauna, and Jacuzzi on the basement floor. There are 3 different entrances; kitchen side, downstairs and main entrance side. The final house is the Stone house you will own. Stone house is a very special complex, one-layered but the size of it is around 100 square meters. It constructed with the stones of Bodrum beaches. A small pond is near this stone house. The stone house consists of an open kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.


About the history of Polonezköy


Polonezköy, formerly known as Adampol is a Polish village located in Istanbul, Turkey. History of Polonezköy based on 1842, started with Adam Czartoryski who was the founder of the Polish colony in there. Polonezköy is a region that has the most famous villages in Istanbul. People became regular at Polonezköy, especially on weekends. Because people commune with mother nature, animals and oxygen in here. 


Land Features

-Luxury Mansion

-Living in pure nature

-5 Bedroom Villa

-3 Bedroom Stone house

-10 room Commercial Building

-Unique Lifestyle

-Private Pool

-Private Land

-Antique furniture

-Elite neighbourhood

-Family Home

-Tourism Complex

-Close to the centre

-Helicopter Opportunities


-2 Fridges

-Dressing Room



-Maid's Room


-Hobby Room


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Location Features
Location Amenities
  • Forest View
Project Features
Property Features
  • 7/24 Security
  • Parking
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