Property for Sale in Etiler

It stands out as an ideal location for those who want to live in the heart of luxury and elegance in the center of the city, close to business and finance centers, within walking distance to high-end venues and the Bosphorus. That’s why Etiler fascinates people with the quality life it contains. If your preference is either to live in a Bosphorus view villa that is not far away from the city center or well-designed renovated apartments, this decent region is going to be one of your visiting points before moving to the city.  
Etiler real estate

On the other hand, being located between Maslak and Levent, counted as the heart of finance and business life for the city, turns the elite region into a devastating investment for rental incomes. Such a profitable location is found in a convenient location for all high-end officers, businessmen, and CEO to easy access. When you buy property here, not only you purchase a living space but also you earn prestige at the same time.    

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Etiler

Luxury Etiler properties found at the heart of luxury and quality introduces the beauty of the Bosphorus from stylish projects with spacious terraces and balcony. High ceiling and widen rooms fit the texture of Etiler so that it enables you to find duplex Bosphorus view apartments fully equipped with a smart home system and designed in accordance with the requirements of nowadays. The region where the modern architectural approach is highly common appeals to everyone with the proximity to business, finance, and entertainment centers in minutes.      


the Texture of Etiler

Etiler is a rooted region found in Besiktas. High demanding place, which is one of the most famous areas in the city, is the apple of tourists and people living in Istanbul eye. The region keeps its popularity with the locational advantage and offers enjoyable moments with your family and friends. Nowadays, the area is featured with one of the most elite regions in the European side of the city. 

In today’s Etiler where the region expands thanks to new neighborhoods and sites added to the settlement, the number of educational institutions also increased. Until now, top quality public and private universities and colleges are situated on different parts of the region such as Bogazici University located in the groove, on the edge of Kucuk Bebek Rumeli Hisari, Istanbul University, Private Yildiz College, High Schools and Private Ideal Schools and many other educational institutions.   

Now, Etiler seems as if it has a small surface area. However, it consists of Yildiz Blocks starting from the eastern border of Levent, Basin Site, Ucaksavar Site and luxurious Alkent properties, Akatlar Neighborhood, many other sites, and corporate housing areas.  

Plus, Akmerkez, which is one of the most leading and the biggest shopping malls constructed in 1993, is located close to the border of Levent, on Nispetiye Street. The place is the pioneer of shopping mall culture in the city and still keeps its elitist view with spacious high-end stores spreading over thousands of square meters. Nispetiye Street is featured with top quality restaurants such as Czn Burak and Nusr-et, elite cafes, and more.      


Nature in Etiler

With wide streets, grooves and huge parks, it is possible to see plenty of green areas in Etiler. Besides Bogazici Groove, Ulus Park, which has one of the most glamorous views, creates a chance to see the Bosphorus from the top point. That why the park covered with trees is a popular place for weekend visitors and one of the most preferred locations to spend a good time with your family and friends.

Moreover, Bebek Park mostly preferred by people living in Istanbul for fresh air is found next to Egypt Consular. In addition to venues that are full of people especially in summer, the park becomes an attraction center for the one who wants to do sports next to a striking view of the Bosphorus and taking fresh sea air meanwhile.    


Transportation in Etiler

Transportation in Etiler positioned between Bebek and Besiktas is quite simple with the subway line offering you direct access to numerous important locations in the city. Besides, there is direct access to critical points such as Taksim, Eminonu, Couch Station and Kadikoy by bus transportation as well. What’s more, it is possible to reach this beautiful settlement by sea travel from Kadikoy and Uskudar to Besiktas or Kabatas piers with additional little walking to the region.

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